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Christian Calaway
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This makes no sense to me. Why would they split the brand and then sell off the more valuable brand? And why would they keep the business that they believe is going to be dead in less than a decade anyway (DVDs)?
I haven't gotten any credit offer in spite of actually trying to stream on Sunday and moving to Hulu after several failed attempts to stream. However, I have gotten the credit in the past when I hadn't been streaming during the outage. Makes me curious to know how Netflix decides who gets credits. Or I just haven't gotten mine yet. Maybe they're still rolling out. Who knows!
I love that the question is what would your movie be, not last movies! Anyway, "The Time Machine" (1960). Favorite movie ever. Favorite book ever.
I'm not very happy right now. Not at all! I was so excited and then I went to the site and saw my phone was not supported. This app rollout is a big FAIL in my opinion. How do you not support the Droid X? My limited knowledge of the technology leads me to believe it has something to do with my Droid X's processor, but seriously Netflix? Come on! You're disappointing a large segment of your audience with this lame rollout. I hope it's available to us soon, but something tells me I'll have to wait months instead of days. FAIL!
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May 12, 2011