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Christian Rollinson
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too many favourites to mention, i especially like the shot of the girl behind the bananas looking at the guy with the tray, i can't stop staring at that one, her gaze is just pulling me in! this post just reminded me of the first time i shot street 20yrs ago when i got an EOS 1000 for my 18th birthday. even though i didn't know what the fuck 'street' was, i'll never forget feeling the urge to shoot an old lady in a cafe window, she was staring into space with a 1000yd stare, i didn't know why i wanted to take her picture, i didn't even know her, i just wanted to capture that moment. isn't photography just fucking great :) (actually, i'm surprised the shutter didn't snap her out of it, it sounded like a door slamming in the wind!)
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2010 on pretend jesus pt. 1 at APhotoContributor
wow, that's an amazing amount of effort you guys are putting in, i'm looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labour, loving the stills of the stills :)
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2010 on moving. at APhotoContributor
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Jul 24, 2010