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I speak, train, & help companies grow through social media strategic planning, positioning and branding. Friend, advocate, sister, cook, reader, NASCAR fan.
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The iPhone vs Android battle is great PR for both platforms. They're both good, and the healthy competition forces each to remain at the top of their game and developers to compete to create the best aps. We consumers are the real winners!
I love this. You really captured the PodCamp spirit! Bravo!
It was a great day. In addition to lots of new stuff, I find so much value in seeing how others use the very applications that I'm so comfortable with, because everybody has their own twist and tricks. I would have loved to see how @LesleyLambert uses TweetDeck. I would have loved attending @WriterJax's PR session. I would have loved @JasonTurcotte's twist on social media 101. I would have loved learning about WordPress and PodCasting... Ah, but there's only so much time...
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Feb 8, 2010