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This is SUCH an interesting post. I'm so glad someone from the opera ilk is giving a validity to what other singers do. These guys (at least in their early/living days) were playing 100+ shows per year, drinking copious amounts of who-knows-what, travelling all over the world, and rarely cancelling appearances. For those about to rock, we salute you!!
Very interesting topic, Claudia! On a side note, I disagree with you about sight-reading. I think honing those skills allows your brain to soak up rhythms, tempi, melodies and harmonies more efficiently - like a 'musician' and not a 'singer' - so that you can quickly move on to the next steps of learning repertoire. I failed to thoroughly learn the first piece of the opera I'm in now, and during stage rehearsals, we just mowed over it without really picking it apart. The result was a well-rehearsed poorly sung duet, which lines up my voice incorrectly for the rest of the evening. I spend most of my time thinking about breathing and technique, trying to save my voice instead of enjoying my show. It's a rough night. I hope to use the next three days off to re-examine that opening piece so I can get it in my voice, in hopes of making the rest of the show run like a well-oiled machine! Hmmmm... that might be my next blog article: Rehearsing insecurities. Cheers, cg is now following The Typepad Team
Jul 18, 2010