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Wow...I'm glad to see that this is such an important issue to you also. You guys have done something wonderful here. Please keep on talking this up where ever you go. Mention this story to everyone you know. Some will care and some will not, but keep the story alive. Just to let you know your blog has not fallen on deaf ears I work for a Congressman here in the New York area and we are investigating this story also. We understand the maybe the investigation down there has stalled and we are hoping to breath some life back into this investigation. I found this blog while searching for info as we are talking to Congressional offices in Florida. We are trying to do something from here. And yes there is a serious problem with the double standard in the media. How many times are we going to allow them to smack us in the face and tell us we don't matter? They don't understand anything but money. So,what you have to do is write. I know you don't want to , but you must write. Find out who advertises on MSNBC. And write letters to them saying what MSNBC did and you don't like it. Not only will you stop watching , but you will also stop buying products advertised on that station.... Then stop watching and buying. When money and viewing numbers drop you will see a change. It's the only way to get their attention. Oh....or like said earlier embarress them by emailing other stations what they did and let them do stories on the mass mailings. Just A thought. Good luck !!!! I'm fighting from here.
Toggle Commented Sep 1, 2007 on Paris at Crime Scene
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