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Political Freedom Mural The mural Iraqi Freedom by Michael Collins depicts the marines of the first Marines as the traveled through the desert to Bagdad. This honors the men and women that served alongside of the newly formed Iraqi armies to take down the dictator Soddam Hussein on March 21, 2003, a step in the right direction, to gain political freedom for Iraq. In a very short time we had removed Soddam from power and sent into hiding. The mural depicts this by showing a large statue of him being brought down with a marine in the for ground standing watch. This says about the dream of political freedom that with the right movement of influenced followers, even the greatest goals can be achieved. In a quote from Walls of Empowerment shows, ” when the bulldozers arrived on April 22, 1970, to begin this undertaking , Logan residents and other supporters took the matter into their own hands, blocked the passage of construction crews with human Chains.” Just as the Chicano residents did showing that no matter what, weather you are overthrowing dictators or saving pieces of land in san Diego California. With the right support you can make anything happen. Operation Iraqi Freedom Copyright Michael Collins 2005, Latorre, Guisela. Walls of Empowerment: Chicano/a Indigenes Murals of California. Austin: University of Texas, 2008. Print. Continue reading
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