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Christopher Hartly Holte
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Your remarks were incendiary, inflammatory, and kind of dumb. I've found Obama to be anything but a Maoist, and the communist left had its shock back in the 1980's when they saw their ideas put in practice in Cambodia in a severity of "purity" that was sociopathic and stupid. Since then they've been picking on Israel because it offends their own End times visions of John Lenin's "Imagine" song. Of course there are still true believers, but the narrative you've created is a false one. The left is still needed because there is still an oppressive right and as long as Israel is dependent on military might and the US Imperial Ambitions it is in mortal peril because both are unstable and temporary strengths. The last time Israel depended on a Military might is ephemerol and Israel has to find a way to stop Jihad, it cannot stop Islam anymore than it can stop Christianity. The idea that one can attack the heads of Islam, progressives, and J-Street is as dumb as rioters burning their own homes.
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Oct 5, 2011