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Anyone who thinks that the Connservative Party needs 'one more heave' to win is posititvely delusional. This Party has been out of power for 8 years and in that time has elected 2 of the most unelectable leaders the Party could have put before the public. The Party neends to change; it needs to break from its past. It needs youth, energy, dynamism and vision and it needs to be seen by the public to be embracing all of these qualities. There is only of the candidates in this leadership contest that it is able to appeal to the public at large. David Davis embodies everything wavering voters do not like about the Conservative Party, Sir Malcolm lacks gravitas, Liam Fox is out of his depth, and Ken Clarke, while still the 'biggest beast', carries too much baggage. That leaves David Cameron. It is time for the Conservative Party to be courageous, to accept that post-1997 the political landscape has changed, and to actively seek renewal. For these reasons and for many more, David Cameron is the only man capable of the task.
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