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Every year is a Leica year! Each time I think about the ascetic appeal of one camera and one lens, I try to remember that I have already done that - for many years. From the age of 15 I used cameras as much as my pocket money would allow. But that meant saving, working odd jobs and eventually buying the meterless Praktica to replace the Trip 35, then the closed aperture metering Praktica, then the (joy!) Pentax K1000, upon which I spent a significant percentage of my student funds the first year in university. I managed to part exchange my old camera each time I upgraded. Each had one lens. A 'standard lens', of course! There were no 'kit zooms' at that time. I lusted after other lenses, but couldn't afford them and did without. It probably did me no harm, and possibly some good. So whilst I shall smile benignly on those who undertake the one-camera-one-lens year, and will smile a little more enthusiastically at those who use a Leica for it, I'm not tempted to repeat the experience just yet. I'll have to get a bit more jaded before that might appeal to me. As it is, I take up my two MPs, generally one with a 35 and one with a 75 and make the lenses fit the situation. I will confess that I have a Bessa III with a fixed lens, and am enjoying not having to worry about which lens to use on it!
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2010 on Five Leica Rangefinders at The Online Photographer
Mike, this was discussed at length earlier this summer. Leica deny the rumour, indicating that film cameras remain in batch production. At present many employees are re-assigned to dealing with the backlog of M9 orders. See this link Chris
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2010 on A Grand 85 Years It Was at The Online Photographer
"Replicam"? As if all cameras aren't attempting to replicate what the eye sees. With respect to the M9, should one be able to get past the notion that a camera that outputs digital files directly, the M7 or MP, do the same job in a thinner body with far more tolerance for focussing error. Being lucky enough to use all three of these, I far prefer the complete manual approach of the MP, and use the M9 only when I have to have colour output. Sure, I can make the M9's RAW files monochrome by many clever software tricks, but why deprive myself of the sheer pleasure of developing Tri-X?
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May 9, 2010