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I have a lot of cook books and never use any. Most are little more than food porn; glossy pictures and uninspiring recipes. "The Whole Beast" is the first book that speaks in a language that makes sense to me. It doesn't take itself too seriously and leaves room for interpretation. "Let the ingredients get to know each other" is more meaningful than "simmer for 5 minutes." Sometimes 5 minutes isn't enough or is way too much. Its better to let the food guide you through cooking it rather than a book. My $0.02 anyway... The Whole Beast also contains wonderful asides that aren't recipes but give you enough to make it. Bath chaps are a favorite.
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Its an interesting idea but sadly nothing looks wild :-(. I don't think you can sell wild game but I could be wrong on that point. I would love nothing more than some wild rabbit or squirrel on a menu. someday...
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