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Chris Wilson
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I wish preservationists would use the "green" angle with people that don't get historic architecture. A lot of people are green washed into thinking a new building will be green. A new building will never be greener than restoring an old one. Simply not possible. As for people that think we've saved too much I suggest you look at any photo of Portland from 1900 and see if you can find a building in it that you recognize. Even when thinking of what we consider a venerable old building like the Multnomah Hotel we need to understand that that's the 4th building on that site. We've lost almost everything. What we have left is almost by definition with looking into saving. It seems also that when you look at tear downs in the past (like whatever was torn down to build the Galaxy) they were replaced with building built from better materials than today. Without spending an extreme amount, today's buildings are cheap and won't last as long as those they are replacing.
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Feb 16, 2011