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Haha.Funniest part is you weak-willed, fat, hateful pussies will CONTINUE TO SHOP at Wal-Mart even though they committed this AWFUL offense against your principles. You diseased morons don't know the meaning of integrity. I will pause now so you can attack my screen name. Your God has already damned you. Look upon your own wretchedness.
Agreed, this is a terrible cultural phenomenon. Every girl should be in control of her own mind and body. At least until she starts menstruating, at which point she should relenquish control of her fertile uterus to Christian, Republican men like Rick Santorum, because they know best about these matters.
... one slight problem with Mr. West ....
This is surely the wrath of the Almighty God. Santorum, in his outrageous politics, presumes to know what is righteous. He tells us how to live our lives, how to use our own bodies,claiming to have some kind of moral knowledge. Santorum is not a man of the cloth, and not trained in any religious tradition that I am aware of. He is a charlatan, a false prophet. The wages of sin is death.
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2012 on Prayers For the Santorum Family at Atlas Shrugs
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Jan 29, 2012