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Chris Utley
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Luis are you being sarcastic?
And where's Camelot? No disc or anything
LG makes good players
I've been holding on to Toy Story 3 since it came out.
Interesting how the DVD for Toy Story 3 shows a Very Long Wait but the Blu-ray only shows a Long Wait. Hopefully it's not too long a wait.
streaming to the bd player seems fine though
I'm not able to get to the website at the moment.
I certainly don't buy movies that I haven't seen.
Sure Bob, I understand that it's the official release date but why is the studio releasing it on a Friday instead of a Tuesday like everything else?
How to Train Your Dragon isn't dated for release until Friday. Any idea why?
Season 6 of The Office
this does make me happy but how come season 6 of the office doesn't show as coming soon to streaming? they're not even showing it as available on blu-ray
Isn't the XD Roku the extended wireless player? The $100 unit.
I've noticed several times that movies remain even after the expiration date passes. Not always but often.
according to techcrunch this gives us rights to movies from Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate
I guess there's a market for anything.
netflix carries movies that blockbuster doesn't so ummmm what was the question?
Roy, why not is because if you're on a gift subscription cutting it down to fewer discs will make it last longer.
George, cut it back to 1 disc and then only watch it when you run out of streaming content.
Book of Eli is on its way. I'll get around to The Bounty Hunter because I like Girard Butler but it's not as high on my list.
I just streamed an eastern european movie called Kontroll and gave it 4 stars. It isn't a kids movie and is subtitled.
is Paramount saying the same about Netflix?
Don't be confused. The Wire is not on Instant Play.