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Christine Welsh
NSW, Australia
My name is Christine and I am addicted to bag making!
Interests: Now that is a good question! Sewing (surprise surprise!), mainly bags and more bags however I do like making an occasional collector teddy bear (OK so I once did that full time BUT the bags took over! LOL) I also love cats and dogs and all sorts of wonderful critters. COOKING and housework are NOT my favourite pass times however and I would MUCH rather be making a bag! I also enjoy spending time with my wonderful children.....oh and sometimes even hubby too! I like to laugh so I love to watch a good comedy movie and I like to watch some drama, scary and love stories too! Oh what the heck....I like a lot of things!
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Hello everyone, For those of you that have The Podium and have just been filing it for 'one day' now is the time to drag it out of hiding! Laura, our wonderful Facebook angel is sewing a Podium and while she is at it, running an unofficial sew along....maybe if she gets enough interest and we all tell her how wonderful she is, she may do some official sew alongs for us too! Wouldn't that be wonderful! :) Dianne's Podium... Continue reading
Posted Aug 4, 2019 at ChrisW Designs
Hello everyone, Today I am excited to share my new CWD community page at Patreon. What is Patreon, you may wonder? Well until a few weeks ago I didn't know either! Patreon is a community membership website where creative people such as designers, musicians, YouTubers and so on, can setup a membership site so fans and followers have a way to support their favourite creators and in return get some fantastic lurks and perks and special VIP treatment! Anyone who... Continue reading
Posted Aug 3, 2019 at ChrisW Designs
Typepad HTML Email Thanks for stopping by! 😊
Soooo...thinking about the fact I want to do more videos (and who knows, maybe even go live someday! lol) I decided that I am going to try and do a regular (Well I am not sure just how 'regular' regular will be for me but I'll do one when I can!) update video for YouTube. Since I rarely have anything very intelligent to say, I am calling these little videos, "My Ramblings". Would you like to check out my first... Continue reading
Posted Jul 14, 2019 at ChrisW Designs
Typepad HTML Email Hi Clive….no, I haven’t had any issues so far. It’s FANTASTIC!
Typepad HTML Email Thank you Clive! I ended up updat9ing to a servo motor so its MUCH easier to sew with now as I can go nice and slow! 😊
Typepad HTML Email Thank you! 😊 Christine
Typepad HTML Email Oh how I WISH!!!
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2019 on Pressing With a Rajah Cloth! at ChrisW Designs
Typepad HTML Email LOL Thank you Priscilla…I needed a laugh today! LOL!
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2019 on Pressing With a Rajah Cloth! at ChrisW Designs
Typepad HTML Email Thanks so much for stopping by Liz…glad you liked what you saw! 😊
Typepad HTML Email Thank you so much Sharon, so glad you like it! 😊
Typepad HTML Email Awwww thank you so much Vickie! I really appreciate your help in testing and your uplifting comments! 😊 I really couldn’t do it without my testers though! You all ROCK!!
I am EXCITED! Today I have a NEW Pattern and Video Course to share with you! Can you believe more than a year has passed since I released my last pattern? Meet The Allure; FEATURES: The Allure is a medium sized, roomy bag with an adjustable strap. Wear it on your shoulder or across your body. Featuring a super cool flap with trimmed zipper pocket, perfect for your keys. There is an exterior quick access phone pocket at the back... Continue reading
Posted May 30, 2019 at ChrisW Designs
YAY! We will be holding a LIVE Video Daryl's Drive sew along in our Facebook Group! Angela of Bella Vie Bags will be our host and video star! I have to admit that I have yet been able to pluck up the courage to go live with one of my videos! Perhaps some day BUT please don't hold your breath! Starting on Monday, April 29th 2019 at 2 pm PDT and going daily. More details and a lesson synopsis will... Continue reading
Posted Apr 26, 2019 at ChrisW Designs
Have you tried Lazy Girls Stiff Stuff? It is a sew in similar to Peltex and what I like is that it doesn’t tend to wrinkle and crease like Peltex springs back to perfect shape. Get Outlook for iOS
Typepad HTML Email Glad you found this useful Angela! 😊
Typepad HTML Email Done! 😊
Hi Kathleen, You can get the pattern here: and the Video Course (Includes the pattern) here: :)
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2019 on The Penny Inn Sew Along - Part One at ChrisW Designs
Hi Susan.....I use compensating feet on my Juki 2010QE and find they work really well. Hope this helps!
Typepad HTML Email Hi….No, no problems with my Zoje. I have recently upgraded from a Clutch motor to a Servo motor though, which is MUCH better. My only regret would be that I didn’t get the servo motor right from the beginning. Other than that, it is a fantastic machine! 😊
Typepad HTML Email Glad you enjoyed it! 😊
Typepad HTML Email AWESOME! I am glad you enjoyed it Kristin! 😊
Thank you for your feedback Sue....I think that is the most confusing thing of all....SO many choices just to get the same job done! Its a jungle out there!!
Thank you for your feedback Joan! :)
Thank you Jo Ann :)