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Great point overall and answered a lot of questions I had about the Youtube/CDbaby synch process. And I'm glad you mentioned the fact that the Rumblefish catalog is Huge. I recently went through the rather lengthy processes of having an album added to the Pump Audio catalog. Don't know if it will pay off, but I'm glad it was a bit more selective.
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Why top the charts or even rank on them at all? The real question is, why bother making money from music at all? Getting radio exposure = making more money. If you are cool with just being an "artist" and making music on the side, then sure, don't promote to radio, care about charts, etc.
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Clark is completely right on. It's 2013 (not 2004) and your own website is still relevant. I hate it when I want to find out more about a band and have to piece together all the info from several sites such as facebook or bandcamp. Recently I saw a local band on a local tv show and they didn't have their own site with all their info. So guess what, I don't know where they are playing next so I won't be going to their shows anytime soon because none of that info is on their social sites.
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Excellent post. Back in the day... we would flip through MMR to find an "indie band" to book at the local union hall. As you've pointed out, the term has a whole new meaning today. And when Skrillex invited about 20 people to the stage while accepting yet another Grammy this weekend - that proved right their that it takes a lot of people to reach mainstream success. Sure, not everyone is trying to hit the mainstream or trying to get on Clear Channel controlled radio - but for whatever reason, there seems to be this myth out there that you can really become the "Next Big Thing" via a YouTube and Facebook account, or whatever. Maybe this myth is being perpetuated by writers looking for a nice story or by people trying to hock music biz books. To get to my not so thought out point, the question I have is - Does it matter? Can we just cut the charade and recognize that no matter how much we hear that the Majors are hemorrhaging money, that they still run a majority of the show. And so what?
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Personally over the years I've probably used Emusic the most over other services. But as a musician, I still get over twice as many sales from iTunes, with Amazon coming in second. As someone who really likes Emusic and has subscribed for years I think it would be great if this gives them a boost, but I think it could be a bit late as streaming takes hold. As was mentioned in a previous comment, if they don't add a streaming option they may not only lose potential new users, but their current base could move on.
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Feb 12, 2013