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Hi Pete, It's good to hear from you and thanks for weighing in. Please let us know how your results go and Dell's response to your tests. I have personally received a great deal of response from both virtualization vendors and hardware vendors since this post was first published. Thus far, some early feedback from IHVs has indicated that they are more interested in standing behind active power management solutions (e.g. reducing the clock rate or shutting down unneeded CPUs) that do not involve power cycling servers. I think moving forward we're going to see a mix of both approaches and it's important for IHVs to ease their customers concerns. A simple statement clarifying any impact large scale use of DPM would have on server lifetime and related server maintenance and support contracts would go a long way. Many of our clients would like to go down this path, but they just want reassurance from the vendors. Many organizations appear willing to wait on embracing any for of DPM until they receive those reassurances. Keep spreading the word. The more the hardware vendors hear about customer demand for clarity, the quicker we'll see them step up and provide that clarity.
Hi Mike, As usual I appreciate your passion. However, to say that the large majority of VMware customers that have stayed away from DPM are not smart is a bit much in my opinion. Mike, if you're referring to the 2007 EPA study, the final report noted that the disk spin down spin up findings in the report did not apply to higher speed "server-class" drives. See page 70 ( In fact, all studies I have seen (even the latest one commissioned by the Uptime Institute) evaluated MTBF of laptop hard disks. That is not an apples-to-apples comparison with server hard disks, and is something the EPA correctly recognized. This is one reason your clients are hesitant to implement DPM with production systems. And to be honest, I really don't think mocking them is the best response for yourself or any vendor representative. Instead, I would suggest you devote some of your passion and energy to get the IHVs to provide your customers with the MTBF data they are looking for.