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Strategic planner, brand consultant, DJ, music producer, trends analyst and father of twins.
Interests: Soccer, golf, poker, reading.
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dino demopoulos is now following The Typepad Team
Mar 15, 2010
did you get paid to write this post? just curious.
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nearly fell out of my chair watching this! great work and the song is a classic freestyle track from the mid 1980s that we used to play a lot and that i would never imagine hearing in this context! too funny. my old freestyle dj buddies are going to have a good laugh ;)
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great stuff faris! your last quote there reminds me of my favourite soundbite of last year, when a student said something along the lines of "if something is important enough, it will find me" (in reference to news and information regarding the election).
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big up!
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2008 on Geek Life at Talent imitates, genius steals
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