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Broom-Hilda is an American comic strip; the title character is a abrasive witch with green skin and a wart on her nose. The storyline asserts she is Attila the Hun's ex-wife, and that she was thrown out of the U.S. Marine Corps after just a few days for unnecessary roughness. (The name is a play on Brunhilde or Brynhildr, a valkyrie in Germanic/Norse folklore--see e.g., Wagner's Ring cycle.) More than you wanted to know, probably.
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Seems pretty clear to me: don't turn right, because you'll run into somebody (like the red car whose grille is at the edge of the photo), but it's okay to turn left.
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How much noise was that truck and all of the attendant unloading making at 1 am? Your neighbors probably didn't just set out to be bitchy; more likely the truck (or unloaders yelling, or the clanging of trailer hitches) kept people awake. Who led the fight for the noise ordinance, and what arguments did they use? If you're going to be able to do anything, you'll have to have a rebuttal to the specific arguments (and "my store hasn't changed staffing to match the new schedule" isn't going to cut it).
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Jan 3, 2016