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We all go a little mad sometimes
Oh NO!!! Chase isn't playing a month before the games start to count. Nothing to see here, move along. He'll be fine when they land in Pittsburgh in a month. If he was playing, you'd be saying "Why is he playing in meaningless games with a bad knee when he only knows how to play all-out, even in ST games?" Carry on
Stopppppp,Danny B only shows up from April on, you know, when it counts! Idiots
Melanie, will you marry me? Cause you just wrote everything I wanted to say. AWESOME!!
The Big Piece also had a .308 average in the postseason last year and no one was hitting in front of him for him to knock in anyone. 2009 NLCS MVP, carried them in the '08 World Series in Games 3-4, carried them in the '09 NLDS. There's good with bad.
face, im sorry, im not literally calling people idiots. I'm not like that at all. But I do get mad that this is the best baseball team we have seen in a long time around here and people really don't seem to appreciate what we have. They jumped on board in 2007 and act like lifelong Phillies fans. I know we're not all like that, and for that I apologize if I offended you cause you are right, saying fuckin idiots isn't classy. But I get pissed when I see people destroying this team for losing these past 6 games when, frankly, guys like Brendan Moss and Bowker have been out there. If the regular 8 were getting shutout every night right now, even I may panic a little. These guys have been waiting for October redemption for a year now. I'm sure when it starts, they will start to play again.
Brian, thanks. Someone with sense
Look, I understand we want them playing well going into October. That's totally acceptable. But, still, they have 6 games to get the regular 8 out there for maybe half of them and at the same time, I am sure no one wants to put in absolute effort so they don't get hurt. This team's been the most injured team in baseball history it seems the past few years. When you are playing not to get hurt, you don't win. I'm fine with that right now.
Yeah, they did turn it on. They swept the Reds first. And if it wasn't for Bochy outmanaging the hitting guru, we'd have beat the Giants. How is it disheartening? I just don't get it. These games are completely meaningless. This team is at its best when it is playing with their hair on fire. I don't want them with their hair on fire just to get them to 106 wins or whatever still wouldn't be enough for these front runnin' fans. Everything is clinched. Tough to put in any kind of intensity after that. They're going to be fine, when the games start counting again, they will be absolutely fine.
One other thing though in sort-of agreement with the panic - where is the hitting guru manager in all of this? This has been a 2.5 year long problem now during the meaningless and non-meaningless games....
I'd much rather them slump now than next weekend, wouldn't you? So, you'd rather have them hitting lights out during this absolutely meaningless stretch so they can win 105 games and then flame out in the NLDS. No way Jose! When the regular 8 are out there, we'll see how fast they come around.
Fuckin idiots. They are meaningless games where Triple-A players have pretty much dominated the lineup and the regulars are making sure they don't get hurt. We see now how important the HR and RBI man(Howard) are to the lineup now, right? Fuckin relax. How can they be expected to come out with any intensity when they have clinched EVERYTHING there is to clinch? They fucking know how to play ball in October.
I really hate these dirty crumb whores that do nothing but spread their legs toward fame and then rub it in your face. Go thug it up with Ron Herpes Mexico Dog Killer you scumbag
Oh no! We're 'only' 6.5 games up now. Get a grip!
Gotta make the deal so we can finish 30 games up instead of 20.... Do not sell the farm for Hunter Pence. He is overrated
Aside from the diving goal in the Montreal series, Richards wan't all that in 2010 either. Briere and Gagne lead that team to the Cup. Did you figure that out watching the tapes? Its offensive to ask them to sacrifice a glass of wine with their wives cause they are grown men? Grown men don't drink and party every night, especially if they are trying to win a Cup and be responsible to their teammates. If it took Laviolette to hold the WHOLE TEAM accountable by instituting this because these guys obviously had a major problem controlling themselves, then he should be applauded even more than he already is. He's the best coach in hockey. I'm glad they are gone. We will win the Cup before either of them ever do.
Kyle, its apples and oranges to say punch your boss in the face if he asks you to stop drinking a glass of wine if you are an NHL player trying to help your team win a Stanley Cup. Championships are all about sacrifices, and I don't think asking your players to stop drinking COMPLETELY to get through the 3-month long strain of winning a Stanley Cup is anything 'fucking ridiculous'. In fact, it is the absolute right thing to do. Alcohol kills your system worse than any drug there is. You should research it sometime. One glass is enough to fuck up your reaction the next day.
Yes John, but they can have a NMC which is a No Movement Clause, probably more likely in this instance
No Brad Richards, its Keith Primeau and Eric Lindros all over again with the concussions
Carter spoke about 2 hours ago, get on the ball
when you are getting lit up for 4-5 goals a night(minus the shutouts which Boucher played as good), maybe you should focus on improving in the net and not on the airwaves. Its all right. Miller won't be heard from again til October after tomorrow.
Toggle Commented Apr 25, 2011 on Ryan Miller Continues to Whine at Crossing Broad
They don't need either guy, just ride out Valdez until Chase is ready to go. With this staff, they don't need much, its a marathon not a sprint. Im fine with Valdez for the short term, he was okay last year
Actually, I have to agree with Kyle here, I remember Leighton whining last year when Boucher was playing well in the playoffs and Laviolette said he wasn't going to make a move. And I remember quotes after the worst Stanley Cup winning non-save of Leighton saying he thinks he is a #1 goalie in this league. Yeah, that's why he's been on waivers like 5 times. Sorry, but a .850 save % in the SC Finals proves you aren't capable of winning a championship. Move on. Trade him, cut him, do whatever. Bobrovsky is the present and future.
This wouldn't be a bad move at all. If you take the ballpark into consideration, this guy could easily replace Werth's production and maybe even more, plus he'd be less expensive. Werth is overestimating himself badly and no one is going to give him 5 years and $100 million. No one will. They'd be foolish to give him that. He's not THAT good.
You want Jayson Werth back? Then prepare to pay for it...