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Cynthia, you are right about this post. It is definitely interesting. I, for one, have no idea what goes on in Cindy Sheehan's mind and heart, save what she says and writes. But it seems that some people are able to fashion their own ideas about what Cindy Sheehan has been thinking and feeling-- with no respect to her recorded expressions-- and they are able to tailor those ideas to fit neatly into their own convoluted and specious justifications for supporting Bush's imperial adventures. As far as I'm concerned, Sheehan is just an ordinary woman who went along with the program until the program took her precious son away from her. That, Cynthia, reads more like a conversion (or a rude awakening) than a paradox. One recurring theme of her speeches and essays is that she didn't question things as she should have until the reality of losing her son hit. God bless her for having the guts to stand up and admit that, and then to take the heat for so long. There are legions of people going along with the program who don't have any skin in the game-- either on the battlefield or in the public eye-- and for them to take potshots at Cindy Sheehan, no matter the amount or sophistication of their rhetoric, is cowardly to say the least. And to say that Sheehan is a dupe or tool of the centrist, self-serving Democratic Party or the corporate and right-leaning "MSM" is a sick joke. She is as much an object of passive ridicule in the corporate media as she is an object of outright abuse in the vile swamp that is the right-wing blogosphere. Even many Democrats and self-imagined progressives have turned a cold shoulder to Cindy Sheehan from the beginning, worried as they always are about being identified (even loosely) with right-wing Straw Men. If we had more Cindy Sheehans and fewer of the worthless cowards who abuse and condescend to her, then there would be no Iraq occupation to speak of.
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2007 on Cindy Sheehan: Living With Lies at Cobb
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