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Blase Ciabaton
Naples, FL
Direct Mail & Mailing List Specialist for PR & Marketing Professionals, Nonprofits & Small Businesses
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Thanks for your question! Not sure, but I do know that you need to have at least 200 pieces of mail to qualify for any sort of USPS bulk mail discount.
Yes, as long as you meet the size & thickness requirements.
If you use a meter machine, postage is currently 48 cents apiece for letter-sized mail, but if you apply a physical stamp, it's 49 cents apiece. Thank you!
Good question, the easiest thing to do is to work with a bulk mail professional or commercial printer that is already set up with a bulk mail permit at the USPS. If they are not already set up to use precancelled stamps, they can make a trip into the USPS to take care of this-there is no cost to have this option added. Otherwise, you would need to pay to get your own bulk mail permit. Best of luck! Blase
2 tabs within 1" of the edge along the sides or along the top will be fine as long as your mailer is not stapled. Please make sure you're using at least 70# text weight paper. Best of luck!
Tweet The USPS has scheduled postage rates to go up across the board on Monday, January 27th, 2014. Each year, the USPS is allowed to raise rates. As long as the proposed rate increase falls within the rate of inflation,... Continue reading
Rules for stitched mailers are governed by weight & thickness, not page count. For letter-sized, stapled self-mailers, your mail piece can weigh a maximum of 3 ounces and must be less than 0.25" thick. Remember, stitched mailers require a third tab placed 1" from the bottom right hand corner.
Is bulk mail a critical portion of your business? If so, you need to understand the implications of the Intelligent Mail Full-Service initiative that's being rolled out by the USPS effective January 26, 2014. Continue reading
Great question Doug! The new tabbing regulations only apply to letter-sized mailers (smaller than 6" x 11"). If you mail at the size you are proposing, then it's considered a "flat" by the USPS and the regulations due not apply. Technically, you don't have to affix any tabs, but to maintain the integrity of the piece, I'd recommend that you use at least 1. As a flat sized mailer, however, regular first class postage will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.10 apiece depending on weight. You can take one to the USPS and have them confirm exact postage. Depending upon the quantity of newsletters you plan to mail, there may be other solutions.
Prognosticators predicted the death of the QR code more than two years ago, yet QR Code use continues to grow at a blistering pace. In fact QR code scans grew by 400% between the second quarter of June 2011 and June 2012. Continue reading
The Direct Marketing Association reports that direct mail marketing is 10 to 30 times more effective than email. Continue reading
Great question! If you want to do your own mailings, you'll need to purchase a mailing permit from the USPS. The annual fee is currently $200. Before you do this, you'll also want to make sure that you have a solution in place for updating the addresses on your database before each mailing. To avoid the $200 fee, and the address updating requirement, you may want to consider working with us or another bulk mail professional. Best of luck!
Great question Kathy! Yes, you still have to follow the same presorting and address updating requirements when using precancelled stamps. You still need to have a minimum of 200 pieces as well.
Thank you! You're absolutely correct, as of Jan 27th, 2013 rates for EDDM retail have increased to 16 cents apiece. I've updated the pricing in this post to correspond.
The USPS is rolling out a mandatory adoption of the Intelligent Mail Barcode on January 28, 2013. How will it impact you? Continue reading
Mark, what an amazing post! Well written and well done. It illustrates the point that you're trying to make beautifully. Thank you for sharing!
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2012 on Write a soap opera, not a news story at queer ideas
Effective January 5th, 2013, new tabbing regulations from the USPS. Bulk mailers and nonprofits take note! Continue reading
An overall 2.57% United States Postal Service rate postage rate increase is scheduled to take effect on January 27th, 2013. Read this short post to see how it will impact you. Continue reading
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Every day, smart companies, both large and small, leverage customer data to personalize their marketing communication. What can we learn from big company examples of personalized marketing? Continue reading
Denise, thanks for your comment-great question! If you don't print the barcode on the mail piece, the USPS will. By printing the barcode yourself, or working with a vendor that does this, you save additional postage, so you may as well print the barcode. There is an area toward the bottom right of the mail piece where you can add the barcode so that it is less associated with the address. Good luck!
Tom, Thanks much for stopping by, and thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, precancelled stamps do in fact require a permit. You can purchase your own permit, or work with a professional mailer, like myself, and avoid having to get your own permit. Best of luck to you!