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Heather Cibor
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In my house, girls have a "hooha" and Daddy doesn't because he's a boy. We still can't get to specifically call boy parts anything, but at least she knows boys are different haha.
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I grew up around a lot of kids and worked with kids so when I gave it as advice it was because I had myself tried it or saw someone else. I wouldn't be obnoxious about it though lol. I've had a lot of people without children try and act like my day is so easy. I think they should all read every post and see that it's not nearly as easy to be a parent as they think it is. You forgot the ones who have kids and act like they are parent of the year and whatever they're trying to get you to do.
I realized why my daughter was louder while I was on the phone, she hated that I was talking to someone else. Unless we were in the car because I had to turn down the music which is a huge no-no in her mind. I actually started putting a sign on the door so no one would dare knock on my door or ring my door bell. My dogs never fail to bark when its time to sleep. My daughter also has coffee radar. Every time I make or I'm about to make she's alert and in my face screaming "FOFFEE!!!" I can't enjoy my coffee around her because she always somehow manages to knock it over. My latest favorite is when I'm worked so hard to scrub every mess out of the carpets my daughter seems to work super hard to put back each and every spot. I've questioned why I bother with my carpets. Oh and during potty training my daughter she sits and sits on the potty and as soon as she gets up has an accident.
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Aug 12, 2011