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Tobacco John
Missouri, Saint Louis
Interests: Selling, Smoke, Music, How tobacco grows, SEO, Tobacco culture
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Apr 20, 2012
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A group of physicians, educators and business leaders in Missouri seeks to more than quadruple the state tax on cigarettes store products, saying it would further reduce smoking cigarettes and generate additional revenue for education and public health. The Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City announced Tuesday that the coalition, led by the American Cancer Society, has submitted a ballot initiative with the state to raise the cigarette tax from the current 17 cents a pack to 97 cents. It would seek similar tax increases on other forms of cigarettes. The group said the money would be earmarked for... Continue reading
Missouri is either first or last, depending on how you look at it. We have the lowest cigarette tax in the country. But the American Cancer Society went public this week with its plan to collect at least the 100,000 signatures necessary to get an 80 cent tax per pack on the November 2012 ballot in Missouri. "Need some smokes?" Nick Santangelo asks a customer. Santangelo needs them, that's the problem. "I think it's more the hand to mouth addiction. If I had suckers in my pocket, then I'd get diabetes," he jokes. The American Cancer Society says in all... Continue reading
An established countywide effort to eradicate cigarettes for sale use has received a seven-year state grant to help adults quit smoking cigarettes and keep youths from starting the addictive habit. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has awarded $37,900 to the local buy cigarette online awareness program for the current fiscal year, which started July 1 and runs through June 30, 2012. The grant amounts for the remaining six fiscal years are subject to appropriation by the state Legislature, according to Tri-Town Health Department director James J. Wilusz. The state has financially supported the cigarettes awareness program since 1994, but... Continue reading
It’s back to school for college kids all across New England but this year something new is banned from some campuses. Several state schools are going cigarettes online free, campus wide. Salem State University started Thursday. It’s a simple initiative; no smoking cigarettes by anyone, anywhere on campus. “This includes driveways, sidewalks, athletic fields, any outdoor space within the perimeter of Salem State campus,” says Karen Cady, a spokesperson for the school. The new policy is being welcome by students like SSU Sophomore Tanya Chesson, who says she’d prefer smokeless walks to and from class, “it gives those who don’t... Continue reading
Police are asking for the public's help in identifying the robbers who bound two victims with duct tape and threatened to kill them during a holdup at a Roseville cigarettes online shop. Continue reading
Before Hurricane Irene smacked his tender cheap cigarettes plants sideways, David Parker was headed for a terrific crop, maybe his best in 32 years of farming. Continue reading
Paramus is once again at the forefront of tobacco control, as the Board of Health unanimously adopted an ordinance that prohibits smoking in borough parks, playgrounds, public swimming facilities and recreational areas. The Paramus Board of Health banned smoking in borough parks, playgrounds, public swimming facilities and recreational areas. The ordinance, approved last month, covers lighted cigarettes, cigars, pipes and electronic cigarettes within the boundaries of "smoke-free zones," borough public areas that include the Municipal Pool, the Band Shell and the Paramus Golf Club Mini Golf Course, according to Health Officer John Hopper. Several parks that are not used for... Continue reading
LONG BRANCH -- During a busy City Council meeting, members of the public had different takes that ranged from praise to criticism on three city ordinances. During the June 28 meeting, the council approved ordinances authorizing the city to bond for a professional consulting contract for a solar project; banning smoking on city beaches; and approving a trial of parking meters at two city parking lots. . . . The next move the city made was to ban smoking on all city beaches, an ordinance that was discussed earlier this month. Karen Blumenfeld, who is the executive director of Global... Continue reading
If the Township Council adopts the ordinance, Pequannock will be one of the latest locales to ban smoking in public parks. But the township ban would only extend to parks that include either playgrounds or ball fields. We laud town leaders for working towards eradicating smoking where children play, but we are concerned by the narrow scope of the rule. Secondhand smoke is bad for everyone, from babies to retirees. The concern for the 18-and-under set is admirable. The lack of concern for anyone else is puzzling. Clifton, Seaside Park and all of Union County have banned smoking in public... Continue reading
Although smoking is banned in all seven of Leonia's parks, smoking is allowed at a designated area on the Leonia Pool Club property. "There is no smoking inside the gates of the pool," said Recreation Center Director Barbara Davidson of the pool club which has approximately 3,000 members. "The only place [to smoke] is out in front, a distance away on the sidewalk. It's a designated area outside the front gate on the sidewalk about 30 or 40-feet away from the entrance and 100-feet from the kiddie pool." Davidson said when members walk towards the parking lot they do not... Continue reading
If the public smoking ban is approved the way township officials introduced it on June 28, smoking in many of the township's public parks would be forbidden. The discussion that occurred prior to the ordinance's introduction was the latest in a series of talks where Township Council members tried to delineate what areas should and shouldn't be regulated. The last conversation, which occurred at the council's June 14 meeting, ended in a directive being issued to Township Manager Dave Hollberg to formulate wording that would ban smoking in parks that have either playgrounds or ball fields. Continue reading
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital will be 100 percent smoke- and tobacco-free on all surrounding grounds and facilities owned, leased or operated by the hospital beginning on Monday, spokesman Peter Haigney said. The campaign against smoking and tobacco is related to the hospital's mission as a comprehensive cancer center, said David Fernandez, the hospital's vice president for oncology services. That mission is not limited to clinical practice, Fernandez said. Continue reading
The City Council tonight is expected to join several other Shore communities in declaring all its public beaches to be smoke-free. In 2003, the city limited smoking to designated beachfront areas. Since then, business at the city's beachfront has boomed, officials said, and as more and more people used the beaches, it became more and more difficult to isolate smokers or to enforce the limited ordinance. Instead, on June 14, the council unanimously introduced a measure to make its entire public beach smoke-free and scheduled a public hearing tonight, after which the ordinance would be scheduled for final adoption. The... Continue reading
The city's public beaches are now smoke-free after the council on Tuesday unanimously agreed to prohibit the use of cigarettes, tobacco and chewing tobacco along the oceanfront. That means the only public beachfront in the city where smoking still is permitted is Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park, which is owned and operated by Monmouth County. Violeta Peters, a city resident who serves on the Monmouth County Board of Recreation Commissioners, said as far as she knows, the issue of smoke-free beaches at Seven Presidents has not been discussed. She is just starting her second term on the board. "But now that... Continue reading
Joseph Aruanno, who is civilly committed under the New Jersey Sexually Violent Predator Act, filed a Complaint without prepayment of fees pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1915. This Court dismissed the Complaint for failure to state a claim upon which relief may be granted, without prejudice to the filing of an amended complaint stating a cognizable claim under 42 U.S.C. 1983. Plaintiff thereafter filed an Amended Complaint consisting of a five-page narrative. (Docket Entry #11.) This Court has screened the Amended Complaint for dismissal, as required by 28 U.S.C. 1915(e)(2)(B), and will dismiss the Amended Complaint because it fails to correct... Continue reading
South Asian men are more likely than any other group in New Jersey to use chewing tobacco -- and health officials are concerned that many actually believe it is good for them. In the first study of its kind, researchers at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey drilled down through reams of federal data about tobacco use to learn about the smoking and tobacco use of South Asian immigrants. They found that 2.7 percent of South Asian men use smokeless tobacco, compared with 1 percent of white men and 0.3 percent of black men. Indian men were more likely to... Continue reading
LONG BRANCH -- Beachgoers may no longer have to worry about secondhand smoke now that the City Council has taken the first steps to ban smoking on city beaches. Under current regulations, specific smoking areas are designated at various beach locations. At the June 14 meeting, the council introduced an ordinance that would ban all smoking on beaches. The council will vote on the measure on June 28. Continue reading
The city's regulations for smoking on the beaches could become much tighter by the end of this month. During Tuesday night's Long Branch Council meeting, the council introduced an ordinance that would not allow smoking on any part of the city's beaches. Currently, smoking is not allowed on beaches, with the exception of a few "designated smoking areas," according to City Business Administrator Howard Woolley. However, he said it has become increasingly more difficult to regulate these areas. Continue reading
A professor who wrote a report by a libertarian think tank said Monday that New Jersey is one of the least free of the 50 states, but qualified his remarks by saying, "We're not talking about Zimbabwe here." The report by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University described New Jersey as having the second-worst record for personal and economic freedoms, second only to New York. . . . The other co-author, Jason Sorens, assistant professor of political science, University of Buffalo (SUNY), said California, New Jersey and New York qualified as "nanny states" because of such regulations as a... Continue reading
The state Department of Health and Senior Services is trying to help smokers kick the butts. The department is now offering free nicotine replacement treatment -- such as patches and gum -- to help tobacco users quit the habit. The goal is to get smokers to register with the NJ Quitline, by pledging to five or more counseling sessions. "This is a way to drive smokers to a program we know works," said Mary O'Dowd, the commissioner of health. The new program is mostly funded by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Some extra funding was provided by... Continue reading