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Amanda Cimorene Lee
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I finally saw "The Haunting" a few years ago. Wonderfully creepy film. Another fun one is the Danish haunted hospital mini-series "The Kingdom." It's a mix of religious themed horror and ghost story. Very creepy.
Love the photo you found to go with this post!
I am one who has a problem playing FPS, as I get both motion sickness and migraines when I try to play them. Not to mention that as an more inexperienced gamer I get frustrated with game play of FPS quite often. That having been said, I have found that trying the game for a short period of time, and then moving a bit further away from the screen while watching someone else do the actual playing is one way around this problem. I often enjoy the storytelling inherent in many of these games, and collaborative play can be a lot of fun. This sort of group play can also lead to fun discussions about the game itself. One of the reasons this kind of class experiment is so great is because it not only encourages those who already interact with games (video and otherwise) to think about critically about the creation and evolution of the game, it also encourages people to think outside their comfort zones and explore new ideas and concepts. I would also argue that traditional games may be used to explore the enduring ideas of self and the philosophical debate of what is humanity. Chess pieces and their movements are rich in archetypes, and would be a great way to discuss the evolution of cultural views on class and society. Such an interdisciplinary class is a great way of introducing new college studies to the academic world. Encouraging the opening of minds and extension of comfort zones. As an introductory class it is a starting point. Later classes would offer the opportunity to hone the critical thinking process. I think this is a wonderful idea, and would love to read the syllabus.
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Aug 25, 2010