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Think this through. Of course there will be no NDA. How can they guarantee that they haven't heard the pitch before? This is why I don't sign NDAs. NDas are pretty much dead except in archaic, antiquated, process-limited companies. You never need an NDA because it doesn't protect you anyway. It gives you the basis to maybe file a civil case against someone but, let's be frank here, you don't have the £££ to go into an IP war with Pepsi. We have plenty of laws which assist IP protection, Innovation Protection, - being patents, trademarks and copyright. If you do not use them then whose fault is it? And it's "squib" not "squid".
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Speaking as a "Facilitator" and one of the Volauvent Boys, I must say thanks for breaking down the mystery :P
Toggle Commented Apr 27, 2011 on Good Friday Agreement 2.0 at InternetSense
To be fair, 25K has always been aimed at university research-based projects -except for some reason last year when a call went out to anyone. CONNECT is about connecting university research to investors and industry. That said - originating in a university is not always the best guarantee of commercialisation potential as we have seen and the 25K Awards are not going to ne a guarantee of success. To be fair to Philip, I do reckon there is an endemic problem in the system - but the root issue is market failure in the turning of startup culture and my belief that the resolutions to this market failure are misguided, poorly targeted, badly marketed and in many cases counterproductive. For instance: Innovation Vouchers have been used for basic development work. Depriving revenue from local service based companies. This may be in a minority of cases, but they make a mockery of the system. KTPs may have the most boring name in the world but for a small company they could be a lifeline to a new market, a new product. On some of the other things you mention, I've been told disturbing things which I've sent queries in about. I'll return to Philip directly on this. Northern Ireland is a small place and when you burn a bridge in one place, you quickly find that bridges are then burned elsewhere. We do have an endemic culture of maintaining the status quo because the changes needed would cause issues for the people who would have to implement them - and as we know, turkeys don't vote for Christmas. This is why we looked outside Northern Ireland. This is why we brought people in. And this is why I'm spending much of the next couple of months reading reports and writing a paper on what's needed next for our industry. Because you can't change the rules of the game without playing the game.
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I have to agree. I blogged that the Tablet signifies the death of Macintosh. Insofar as the Mac represents a 25 year old metaphor of poking at a UI with one finger. I also predict thus will usher in multiple copycats. Anyone who released an eReader at CES will be killed and eaten. Expect something truly boring from DELL.
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Jan 26, 2010