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Stories Are Meant to be Told... Create on the Blank Canvas this Life
Interests: Jewelry Making, Gnome Creating, Sewing, Art and Photography
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Creating...for me it is something I have had the need to do for as long as I can remember. As a child I would dawn and paint, create one of a kind animals out of bars of Ivory soap (Much... Continue reading
Posted Jan 23, 2020 at A Circle of Three
I fell in love with gnomes last year...maybe it is living in TN and visiting Rock City that started it all. Shortly before the Christmas Holidays this past year a friend and I started making them as gifts which then... Continue reading
Posted Jan 13, 2020 at A Circle of Three
Sunday's sermon has given me lots to think about as the week has progressed. Our Pastor talked about branding and how it affects all of us. We see for example, the logo for Nike and we know their slogan is... Continue reading
Posted Aug 20, 2019 at A Circle of Three
My maternal grandmother was an excellent cook, loved to garden, crocheted rag rugs and just always kept her hands and heart busy. As a child I loved spending time with her and loved helping her out in the garden. She... Continue reading
Posted Aug 1, 2019 at A Circle of Three
So often as I sit in church listening to a message I feel it was tailor made for me. Yesterday as I sat listening not only to the message, but the worship I thought about how God always knows what... Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2019 at A Circle of Three
The Grandpa bowl. When my Dad died he did not have a lot of material possessions, but he had two of these bowls. These bowls have always brought me joy and sweet memories. When I am feeling “ under the... Continue reading
Posted Jul 4, 2019 at A Circle of Three
The other evening my hubby and I watched the documentary of Kara Tippetts, a woman whose blog and books I had read for inspiration. She was a young mother to four children who lost her battle with cancer, but lived... Continue reading
Posted Jul 2, 2019 at A Circle of Three
My Daddy...he was my hero and he has been with his Heavenly Father since 1984 but not a day goes by that something does not remind me of him. His nickname for me was Cinderella. That nickname ended up being... Continue reading
Posted Jun 30, 2019 at A Circle of Three
Always love your pictures...could Amelia be any cuter? Her clothes are just so pretty and always your blog makes me smile.
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2014 on July at Posie Gets Cozy
The shawl is gorgeous...and I am sure that your sister was very happy to have it. Happy Anniversary to you and Andy.
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Mar 15, 2010
Maria...sorry I haven't been on in a few days...We meet at River Oaks Church in Lake Mary. It is at 385 Washington Avenue...across the street from Star Child Academy. There is a community center on the church property and we meet there on Monday evenings at 7:00 PM. Would love to have you join us. Please contact me at: if you need addt'l info. God bless you as well, Cindie
Mary Beth... no you are not stuck and don't let anyone tell you that you should be over it by now. Maria is your child... she was a blessing in your life and of course you are grieving. Loss is difficult even when you know that you will see her again one day... you are a godly woman and I admire your authenticity and your courage. May God continue to heal you and may He bless you with sweet remembrances of Maria... even the "sweaty smell" Hugs to you sweet sister, Cindie
beautiful girls... beautiful sunset... blessings to you all... enjoy the time with your family
Thank you for allowing us to SEE you in the pain and to hear your cries out to a God who loves all of us far more than we can imagine. God SEES your heart and loves you all so much... may He who began a good work in you and in your family continue it until He comes again and you are reunited with your precious Maria.
Toggle Commented Jun 8, 2009 on What I'm Praying today at MaryBeth
What a wonderful tribute from Maria's big sister. We are praying for all of you today and know that one day you will all be dancing with Maria again. Treasure the memories and continue holding onto Jesus.
Mary Beth thank you for sharing your aching heart and your authenticity. I know that this has to be such a difficult day for your family and my thoughts and prayers are with you as they have been over this past year. The picture of Will and Maria is beautiful and I know that Maria will one day be united with your family and all of us who have prayed will get to meet this special little girl. May your memories and the hope that you have of one day seeing your little monkey again help you on the journey. I will continue to lift you all up in prayer and pray that Will's life and his testimony will give others hope in a dark world. You are a brave, strong woman and I know that God has and will continue to bless you as you work your way through all of this.
I love the dolls... and love your new fabrics...
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2009 on Just want to hug um up!! at Sis Boom Day Dreams
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Congratulations... our God does indeed always surprise us. I am sure this baby will be such a blessing to all of your family and just think you won't have to worry about Empty Nest for many years!
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2009 on How We Told My Family "The News" at Home Sanctuary
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