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I just finished spending hours and hours preparing a Christmas Party for our multi-faith family. Everyone just seems to know that we wish them happiness..Mormon, Baptist or Jew. For someone to be confused when wished well is puzzling to me, but I may be blessed with exceptionally understanding company. All the best to you Susan, today and every day!
There should be a like button for these blogs. I've found when I am very much in agreement with the writer, and the post is entertaining as well, to "like" is all that is needed. LIKE :)
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Prayers for you and Ellen. So sorry to hear of your loss. Ellen reminds me of so many of the brave people I've met along the way who are struggling tremendously compared to most people, and yet show such grace through it all. Your description of her is touching. It sounds like she was a wonderful person who blessed many with her life example. Thank you for sharing.
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I had to laugh at this...we do the "go around sharing what we were particularly thankful for this past year" at Thanksgiving as well. My youngest son is not sure if this would be considered cruel and unusual punishment while waiting to eat a long awaited meal! And I can identify with your iPhone frustrations. I was condemned to eternal nerd status by my grandchildren for carrying around a flip phone with no internet connection or camera. Last fall, I finally purchased an Android phone to upload mobile photos of our outings together. For a week, I couldn't even figure out how to answer it! This...when I've taken apart computers and rebuilt them as a hobby and practiced computing before it was popular! The phone is still frustrating to me..LOL! Once again, this was an enjoyable piece that I could relate to..Thank you!
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2012 on Mind-Numbing Birds at Susan's Musings
Susan, I've read all of your recent posts and the comments that followed trying to understand why anyone would demand such an extraordinary amount of time on one subject. I agree that some subjects are just so heartfelt and filled with pain that there really could never be enough offers of comfort to the victims and they can never understand why more people are not continuously focused on the subject of their eternal discomfort. IMHO, all we can hope for, as imperfect humans, is to be of help in some small way to ease the pain of humanity, one person at a time, even if a lasting joy cannot be achieved. Bless you in your attempts to help heal. Maybe it's been enough to lift someone..just for today.
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