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Jenny Finch, softball. Rafael Nadal, tennis.
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Mad Men is an awesome show. I watched it when it started last year, got hooked immediately, but then started losing interest partway through the season. I kept up with it, though, and I'm glad I did because the season finale was really great. I am very much looking forward to the new season, because there is a dearth of good non-reality TV on my DVR right now. As far as the sexism goes, the show is trying to be an accurate portrayal of that time period, and the casual sexism is definitely a part of that. It seemed shocking to me that all the characters were so nonchalant about the rampant sexism, and it's a relief to see how far we've come from that. I don't think it's played for nostalgia, as in "Wasn't it great when we could pinch our secretaries asses without repercussion?" Everyone should watch this show! Go rent the DVDs now!
Toggle Commented Jul 16, 2008 on My Newest TV Obsession: Mad Men at MamaPop™
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Brad Pitt has a tramp stamp? Who knew?
Toggle Commented May 12, 2008 on Brad Pitt Tattoo Mystery Solved AGAIN at MamaPop™
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I tried the BBQ pork recipe that someone posted on that ParentHacks entry, and it was awesome. Only 3 ingredients (pork roast, BBQ sauce, can of Coke) - easy! We ate pulled pork sandwiches for 3 days. Even my picky two-year-olds liked it.
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2008 on Brilliant Ideas at Indigo Girl
My mom and I are both tennis fans, so I bought the two of us tickets to see the championship match at the Indianapolis Tennis Championships in July. Usually I just order flowers and send a card though. @Cecilia - My husband was the same way, the first MD after our twins were born. I had fantasies of new jewelry, breakfast in bed, etc, until he confessed the morning of MD that he'd forgotten to buy a card. He had done nothing to prepare for the day. He ran out to buy a card and a balloon while I cried. I would have been fine without all the fantasy stuff, if only he had gotten a card ahead of time. I think Mother's Day is not only about celebrating your own mother, but for men, the mother of their children. In gestating and giving birth to our girls, I've given him the greatest gift in the world. And I want some recognition, dammit. Some jewelry wouldn't hurt either. Luckily, he did much better the next year, and I had a lovely picnic with him and the girls at one of my favorite spots (we couldn't afford jewelry that year - I'm hopeful for this year).
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2008 on Mother's Day gift ideas at Ask Moxie
I haven't seen Whole Brain Thinking from Herrmann International mentioned - I took this assessment through work a few months ago. The results described me very accurately and have actually helped me at work. See (sorry if the link doesn't work - TypePad doesn't seem to want to let me link)
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2008 on Personality Tests at Ask Moxie
My mom has used those suckers (they are NOT lollipops, they aren't sweet or candy-like by any stretch of the imagination) for her chronic back pain. You have to have a prescription to get them. They are super highly regulated, and they don't look anything like the lollipop that Britney is holding in the photo above. They also aren't round or look like gumballs, as the 'source' quoted claims. The lollipop story sounds like b.s. to me.
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