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I rarely rant on these message boards (what's the point), but start rant: A 'similar' thing happened to me with my 'disc queue', which was the last thing I needed to happen before I canceled my account permanently after 10 years with Netflix. On the phone, I was told 'our engineers' are aware of the 'disappearing queue issue' and are working on fixing it. But in the meantime, you can go on new adventures to rebuild your queue' (disc queue). Yes, right, because I have nothing better to do than to remember what was in there, after years of use. I hung up with customer service and googled this issue. It seems it's been happening as early as 2003. Sorry, Netflix, despite countless recommendations of your service to friends and acquaintances, your blase attitude regarding customer service, and arrogance in not actually addressing certain issues has caused me to cancel both streaming accounts, and move to Blockbuster. I had not been in BB stores in YEARS, but as a movie lover I finally wondered if I was just suffering from a case of extreme 'loyalty' and 'comfort'. Since they don't listen, I am posting it here-kill the '28 day window', buy more copies of BD's so we don't wait a week for a new release (and I won't need to go to BB), fix the queue issue (queue and recommendations are still superior to BB, imo, but I don't want to randomly lose 500 selections with no fix), and fix the bleeping outages and drop outs while I was streaming. I'd love to come back, for your queue, recommendation and overall selection of indie and Criterion flicks, but your competition is putting you to shame right now, my former internet and business darling....suggestion for your next 'PR SPIN'...pretend you are the 'underdog' (you are), and humble yourself to put your customers 1ST. Maybe the 800,000+ you lost will think that you are really trying to be 'the best movie access service' that you claim to be. /rant
I'd also like to see a feature where we can block certain titles and categories. Blockbuster, which I now use, has this feature, and it lets me manage my queue and browsing better. After 10 years, I left Netflix-unless Amazon buys the streaming portion-then I will return, as I still prefer Netflix's recommendations and other browsing features, and as a consumer, I'd prefer an integrated interface, such as an Amazon screen where I can "buy", "rent", "stream", etc all in one place.
More streaming issues yesterday on Cablevision via PS3. Loading, Loading, Loading....UGH!.I liked the streaming feature, but may dump it, though we've been Netflix members for 10 years.
Yes, got green band error last night. Wanted to stream "The Resident", and started it in the bedroom on PS3. Then wanted to watch it on Roku in livingroom, and it just repeatedly buffered, and then gave me the green band, with some weird symbols or numbers on it. We're with Cablevision, and have had streaming issues for several weeks now. All times during the day, just loading, can't connect, try later, etc etc. Seems to be getting worse...
Definitely interested. A few chains have researched and tinkered with this idea for years. I hope Movie Pass makes it happen-as a movie buff I'd love this if done correctly. I signed up at their site for more info once available.
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Jun 29, 2011