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The <a href="mailto:[email protected]">cinetrix </a>c'est une figurante de cinéma.
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Nice! You are reminding me that the seahorse-watching dog also was very confused by The Triplets of Belleville, I presume because they used recordings of an actual dog for the dog character. She was a puppy and wanted to know where the other dog was. Which makes me wonder whether the dog had a Belgian accent somehow? Like Tintin's dog barks differently in French and English.
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Oh, what a treat to have you pop up, dear Sac! Hope you're well. You can follow my peregrinations on Vine, which better suits my Internet-shortened attention span these days. xx
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Oof. That "stone's throw" setting feels like a tell. Someone writing from a driving perspective, essentially. Craigie does offer valet for those patrons timid about finding a spot along the quiet streets that flank NECCO and its other industrial, tech, and residential neighbors (not to mention the church and the Uhaul depot) after hours. But its so-called go-to powers truly come alive during nasty weather, when the New England- and midwestern-bred staff throw open the (non-swinging) doors to locals arriving on foot, cross-country skis, or, in my case during a February blizzard that saw the governor shut down the state, newly purchased snowshoes. And they put up staff at a walking-distance hotel to ensure everyone's safety. I liked the cameo by Karolyn and Charlie.
Josh: Thank you for taking the time to comment. Even before the Carney controversy, Rappaport's work has not been easy to come by. The very good video store near the Kendall in Cambridge had only Rock Hudson's Home Movies on VHS back then. The university library catalog shows no holdings now. Rest assured, I've managed to fill my time since Seberg seeking out work by artists who demonstrate respect to their fellow makers. As the saying goes, à chacun son goût
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The tell here? The "waitress (that needs to get laid)" is a person, o elite Yelper, which means you shoulda acknowledged her humanity and said the "waitress (WHO needs to get laid)" to get that cocktail faster.
Oh, good, so it's not just me then. And here's Orlando Julius with "James Brown Ride On," which was the African appropriation of Soul Brother No. 1 I was thinking of:
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Isn't it? I knew her [Marie Howe's] boyfriend Jimmy [not Johnny] around the time this was written -- he and I both haunted this one video store, where he was friends and I was entangled with one particular person, who died way too young. Being back in Boston-Cambridge-Somerville on movie-related business tends to make me melancholy in a way I feel this poem really described better than I ever could.
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Thanks, Jon. What's your tumblr?
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I blush. You are too kind.
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Ooh, post links!
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Souviens? How quickly you forget it is MARTIN Picard, not his mime brother.
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