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I've been committing to leaving comments more often to help create community and be part of the knitting world that I love. I'm glad to see more of your posts!
I struggle with spending money, too. I'd recommend getting a card with a low credit limit...something like $1,000 or even $500 to keep yourself in check. I use my credit limit as a last-ditch safety net to keep myself from going a little too crazy. I think your plan is very wise! Also, I think paying your rent on time each month will help with your credit score, too. I think.
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Before I fly, I stay up for the 24-36 hours beforehand so I can guarantee that I'll sleep on the flight. I also charge my iPod to the fullest, pop my headphones on, and have it ready to play when electronics are allowed. (I actually enjoy take-offs and landings so I try to be awake for those.) As soon as the announcement is made, music comes on and I go out. Usually I wake up near the end when electronics have to be turned off and watch the approach, which is one of the coolest things ever. Seeing a new city first by air? Absolutely awesome. Seeing your own city from the air for the first time on your way home? Even cooler. You'll do fine.
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Blockbuster used to sell these buckets of popcorn that had the kernals at the bottom with plastic over them. Maybe you could use one of those? The other option is you could ask at a movie theater. Most kids working the snack bar are glad to give you an empty bucket if you ask nicely. Esp if you're on your way out of a movie. (Smaller chains/theaters are more likely to give you a bucket, too.)
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I'm so sorry. I'll be thinking about you and your family for the next few weeks as you settle your memories of Maggie.
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I can't think of a single one. My roommate and I (both female, one queer) and my partner Cory (POC, queer, male) both got taken down by this thing, too. And Cory's other partner (chick) got it. Yuck. I think your theories may be dead on. My question is...where can I get one of those germ shields The Man has been handing out?
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Why your phone was able to be sold so cheap: Because those phones cost between $25 and $50 in parts. Add some labor on that (the labor costs are pretty high, for good reason; the laborers are paid living wage), then Cingular buys them. They mark the phones up almost 100% to make some cash. (Lots of cash.) If they want to, they can discount the phones a whole lot to bring folks in and encourage them to have a cool phone which means they'll want to use their phone more which means they'll get a more exciting (and expensive) plan. How I know this: My best friend works at Motorola in Arlington Heights. He tells me secrets. We think the cell phone industry is fun. Where I came from: I clicked through a link I found on an LJ...SisterCoyote, I think.
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