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Current collector, future librarian. I also knit.
Interests: books, music, computers, web design, library science, theoretical physics, astronomy, science fiction, fantasy, knitting, stationery, pen pals, learning new languages, japan, korea, travel, asia
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Well last night was definitely interesting. I had ... Continue reading
well i was writing on the train last night and i stopped when i got off and never finished. i tend to do that a lot, start writing and never finish, which i think makes blog rather disjointed, or will when i finally get everything updated... i was still angry... Continue reading
This weekend was awesome. Thursday was pretty cool – class as normal and I wore my extremely hot corset and my denim skirt. Both of them were a little loose, which surprised me. I checked a scale the other day that my kaasan has and I am 79 kg –... Continue reading
Here we go, part 2! aka Drama and Disaster. ~~~~~ Albany: I got on my little plane to RPI, and we were off. The whole ride took less than an hour – I got there earlier than I expected to, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the airport had... Continue reading
I’m waiting on the platform at Katsura for Jaime and Paul. We’re all running late, so it’s a good thing that there’s a tokyuu every 10 minutes. I woke up strangely and things haven’t been going well since then. I’m partially angry with myself – I’ve been in town for... Continue reading
Yeah I am not pleased about this moving thing. Seriously, typepad doesn't use tags... which I find strange. I'm probably just grumpy cause it's been a shitty week, but still... I like my tags!!
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