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This is happening all over inner portland. I think it's worth mentioning that although this building may be uninteresting or even run down, there may not be much to value in the alternative either. This just happened on my street. An 1894 year old home was demolished for the lot. That historical lot was split into three and now there will be three townhomes. Most likely University of Portland Rentals. Next door to that lot a modest three bedroom home is being converted to six and next to that another small home converted to eight bedrooms. No parking by the way. So, instead of an admittedly unsightly home, I will have a new triplex with no parking, filled to capacity with college kids who tend to be more of a negative presence than a positive. In my neighborhood, many, many two bedroom homes are being turned into 5-8 bedroom rentals or demolished. These new buildings may be more aesthetically attractive, but the lack of parking, the over-populated streets and the lost sense of community is not worth it. Half of the homes on my block are now rentals to college kids who will make the long-term residents' lives miserable and then leave never having cared about what their impact is, not unlike the builders and the city planners who carry out these projects without any care for the livability of the existing neighborhood. I don't care if it is a historic property or a church. I think there needs to be much more consideration, maybe not for what was there but for what will be and whether it's good for the community.
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Feb 13, 2013