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I am ok with getting rid of Pence. Honestly, I think you can get three new outfielders next year, one of which could be D. Brown, for much less money which would allow for the signing of Cole, Chooch and possibly a high priced 3B (D Wright?!?). You can also get as good if not better production than we are already getting from our relatively expensive outfield.
These numbers, if true, actually give me more hope than I've had in awhile. If the real number is 6-150 or there abouts and there is about a 10 mil discount, they are really only about 10 mil apart. I don't see the Phils losing him for 10 mil over 6 years. Remember how all we have heard for 6 months how it was the Phils unwillingness to go for six years? That seems moot now.
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Jul 18, 2012