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Citizen Crain
Washington, D.C. / Rio De Janeiro / Memphis, TN
No forwarding address -- wherever I am, I'm there
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Thanks for the welcomes, guys. It's great to see those names I remember so well. I hope you'll jump back into the fray along with me in 2010. Best wishes for the holidays -- or what the hell, Merry Xmas! Chris
Thanks, Mike. It's good (not quite great just yet) to be back. And as for Kevin's comments, I'll have to check my mental rolodex to remember whether you were one of those insisting Mark Foley or Larry Craig or ______ _______ wasn't gay. That said, you know I'm not in favor of outing, at least when it requires making public information that is private or intimate in nature.
I take your point, Steven, but there's a big difference between expecting her to out herself on every single story about gay rights and expecting her to reference it at least once in a while -- or even once -- when discussing the issue. Jim, I disagree with you, dude. We gay folk sometimes assume everyone knows these things, and her show is seen by more than 1 million viewers, a very very small percentage of whom will have read the personal profiles that have been written about her that include discussion of her sexual orientation. Thanks for the welcome back, TT. Anyone got an actual example of how/when she did it, as opposed to a generalized recollection? I still have my doubts.
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