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Mihai Ciulea
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First I want to thank you Kinsey for the episode and I want to tell Kacie that she should go again in Brazil. After all, life is short, Brazil is a big country and it is full of great people, great experiences and I am pretty sure that you will have a lot of fun there. Unfortunately I have to confess that I did not listen to all the episodes, but I can say that I have listened to most of them. I have to applaud Kacie for this achievement and her cultural obsession is also shared by me. Maybe one day we will have a meeting with all the Brazilianisms guests, after I will also be a guest on the podcast. :) Again I found many important things that will prepare me for my trip to Brazil. Some or good, some are not but I would just have to get used to all of them. I wish to Kacie good luck in everything she does and to enjoy life in Brazil or US or wherever life will send her. And thank you Kinsey again for another special episode!
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2013 on Episode 78: Kacie at Brazilianisms
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Nov 7, 2013