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Christine Jang
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Work on the totem pole is progressing along and the carvers have started working on the finer details. Small frog before carving. Ron Sr. working on small frog. James is working on the killer whale. Bear figure before carving. Ron Jr. working on the bear claws. Continue reading
A large branch had left a knotty problem for the carvers. They tried cutting it away, but it went in too deep. Ron Sr. removed the knot and surrounding area in order to put in a patch. A mold was then made of the area. The plan was to trim... Continue reading
Many community members and groups of high school and elementary school students have enjoyed a visit with the artists, watched the progress of the carving and have become part of the totem pole experience. The 3 carvers of the NWCC Smithers Campus totem pole are: Ron Austin Sr., James Madam... Continue reading
After the blessing, work continues on the totem pole. Most of the inner part of the log has been removed and the next step is to put the design on the front of the pole. Ron Austin, Master Carver, had planned out the design on paper.  The layout is... Continue reading
On April 20th, staff and students of Smithers temporary campus gathered to welcome Frank Alec for the blessing of the totem pole. Frank Alec and Ron Austin, carver Frank Alec sang the Sinelh, a spiritual song. This song has traditionally been performed where peace is needed. This ensures that the... Continue reading
The work has begun on the totem pole for the new Smithers campus. Over the next two months, we will be following the transformation of the log into a totem pole. The log arrives from Hazelton to Smithers temporary campus where it will be carved. The totem pole starts as... Continue reading
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Mar 30, 2011