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Another illustrious member of the CBC.
Looked up your three two minute examples and surprise! They're more typical leftist disinformation. Gee who'd a thunk?
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2010 on Lionizing the Jackals at Atlas Shrugs
I'd beat your bone smokin ass anytime Ms pearl necklace, LOL.
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2010 on Lionizing the Jackals at Atlas Shrugs
Truely a pearl necklace. LOL, You devil worshiper.
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2010 on Lionizing the Jackals at Atlas Shrugs
Ass-kicking! Too bad our first black president wasn't an honorable man like this guy. I'd vote for him in a heartbeat. Instead we got this Man-Child playing precedent with our lives and fortunes...UGH.
Can't help but think how much better things might be if everyone were exposed to CBN news!
May God help her. This has got to be so difficult regardless of whatever outcome for her because after all those are her parents. Hopefully they will be able to draw out the case until August 18 when she'll finally be somewhat free to practice her chosen religion and serve the true God instead of being forced to be in the presence of that devil allah. I never realized just how tiny she is physically. It's like the opposite of what I imagine her to be spiritually.
I must be getting soft because I suddenly am starting to think that burkas might not be always bad.
Last stop people! Every one off, women, children and old people to the left, able bodied Kufir men to the right.........
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2010 on And they sat just there? at Atlas Shrugs
This is by far the most important trial in the world to take place so far in the 21st. century even though most Dhimmis don't have a clue. You can bet the farm that the mohammadans understand the importance though. Sun Tzu, the Chinese philosopher of war pointed out that knowing your enemy is basic to any possible victory. Our enemy understands us at all levels while feigning ignorance while our elite leadership thinks it understands our enemy while in reality they don't even have an elementary grasp of even the basics.
Couldn't help but notice that racist fu*k criminal Eric (the red) Holder clapping. These people make me want to jump out of my skin!
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2010 on He Can't Help Himself at Atlas Shrugs
I agree with the article, but I must point out that McCain was derelict in his duty to run a hard and informative race. There is and was so much dirt on oscumma which he failed to bring to the public's attention when he had a golden opportunity to do so. I feel that McCain abrogated a duty, not just an option.
Most people look at guys like this as ignored extremists without realizing that in reality he is straight on mainstream mohammedan popular thought throughout all clases rich/poor, educated/uneducated.
northendboytoy FIFY LOL
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We are soooo screwed! Even our so-called reporters sit and eat with these fiendish murderers of women and children!
Toggle Commented Jan 17, 2010 on GITMO Enemy Combatants: Batch 10 at Atlas Shrugs
You know, they're just so effin courageous over there that the words escape me.
Question asked above: 'Where is the caterwauling nazi press? Where are the anti-human rights activists? Where are the debased NGOs? Where are debauched UN observers?' My guess is that they're all enroute to protest the evil boogyman Zionist closing of the cargo crossing!
When the people of Honduras overthrew tyranny through their elected representatives, the left in this country nearly shit all over themselves, but no a peep over these outrages perpetrated by our own totalitarian enemies! I feel as though our dear nation is in the clutches of an insidious and deceptive evil which cannot now be stopped short of bloodshed. It will come to sad.
As a citizen of the USA, I wouldn't answer the jerk in the White House if he called on me so why should Israel? The despicable pimp doesn't deserve an answer. Israel needs to start standing up for truth in the face of that liar and tell him where to go. I think the Jews might be pleasantly surprised at how many Americans would openly rally for the truth as the Man-Child becomes more and more detested by his own people.
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2009 on Don't Answer at Atlas Shrugs
Looking at the pictures i can imagine a cool breeze from coming right out of my monitor. It is a cool breeze to one's soul after witnessing the wicked evilness going on everywhere in the name of the moondemon allah.
To Dented UK: You are right. It's interesting that a Western culture has become enlightened and free due to principals laid out in Christianity such as brotherly love and freedom even to reject Christianity itself are now turning away from those principals. The result will be nothing less than their enslavement by a wicked religion which doesn't hesitate to use their own twisted vestiges of Christian principals against them. The Post Christian West is no match for these ferocious unscrupulous mohammedan fiends.
From above:............. "Just a question to Nikolai F Fyodorov: Are you a member of the Noor Mosque?" Nikolai Fyodorov was a Russian Orthodox philosopher... though I am not him... Posted by: Nikolai F Fyodorov | Wednesday, October 28, 2009 at 08:29 AM If I thought your name was as written, I wouldn't have asked my question. You haven't answered the question though. Feel free to practice taqiya per profit mo's example if you need to.
Just a question to Nikolai F Fyodorov: Are you a member of the Noor Mosque?
Where's your outrage then...Your words........... "Please, stop defending the Lorenzes... they had a duty to call the police if they thought Rifqa was in danger... you don't have a member of your church drive her to the bus station and then keep her for two weeks"... .......Okay I see now, your outrage is against the Lorenzes
This is Nikolai Fyodorov's last comment before the one above: "Guys, chill out... there's absolutely no way she's going back to her parents unless she wants to... if they force her I'll join in the outrage with you... but until then, chill..." Just keep moving the bar guys!!