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Your review is so insightful! I have SO much love for this book, particularly how it never gave you clear answers (because ambiguity is fun!), but the place it missed the mark for me too was the childhood discussions. I didn't necessarily NEED to know what trauma occurred that Kaitlyn didn't want to remember, but I needed more hints so I could at least feel impending doom. I also wanted just a little more about who CARLY was. However, it's such a freaking creepyawesome book overall. C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons
God, what a crazy week for releases! I'm glad I had some of these as ARCs or my wallet would take a major hit. C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons
Lovely review! I absolutely adored this book in an obsessive way, but I did also have the same criticisms of it as you do. Jasper and Arthur were a little thin, and the villain monologue could have been handled better. I hope that we get more of them in the next book. But the romance and the brother-sister bonding was adorable. C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons
I had almost exactly the same thoughts on this book. I thought Denton was so funny and endearing, but I was underwhelmed by the vaccine plot and annoyed by the squishy science and totally unexpected cliffhanger. I liked the social part of Denton's journey more than the mystery part; the mystery felt thrown in sometimes. Nice review. C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons
Such a great question. I used to never care. Sometimes I still don't. For example, even if I suddenly saw 100 horrible reviews of ACOTAR (doubtful, but you know), I'd still read it. If it's a book I know I really want to read, I often won't read the reviews. For books that are iffy or that I don't own yet, I like to read a couple 5 star reviews and a couple 2 star reviews. It gives me a sense of what's good about the book and what people complained about. If the good things are things I don't like, or the bad things are things I don't care about, then I can make an informed decision. Or I go to one of my go-to bloggers and see their thoughts. That's usually diagnostic. C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons
I'm really going to need to utilize the library more... This whole month has been nothing but amazing books that I must have now. Particularly excited for Queen of Bright and Shiny Things, Fig, Simon, and Kissing Ted Callahan. You know, just most of them. C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons
Your experience with Seraphina sounds like my experience with Graceling. I wanted to love it to pieces, and I finished feeling . . . "meh." It's amazing how different readers come away with different elements. The things that bugged me abut Graceling were viewed totally differently by other reviewers. Similarly, what read to you like insta-love in Seraphina, I actually thought was pretty slow and well developed. Plot-wise, it's also definitely slow in the first half, but in a way that I didn't mind. Again, so subjective. Nice, thorough review! C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons
God, I'm gonna go broke. Liars Inc, Written in the Stars, The Walls Around Us, Me Being Me....and that's just the short list. I love when you do these posts, but I also hate it. I.e. my wallet hates it. :P C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons
Thanks for highlighting this one! I remember the name from ages ago, but I'd forgotten about it. I'm SO sold. Minimal romance, thriller, mature, twisty? Um, yes please! I'm always craving something other than X's life is like this until mysterious boy shows up blah blah. Also, it reminds me of Gone Girl, in which I also hated and mistrusted all the characters--but I loved the book, because the plot was so well crafted. Nice review! C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons
ACOTAR! I'm going to have a small happy meltdown when it finally arrives in my mailbox. Great list! I'm reading Crimson Bound right now, and it's very different from Cruel Beauty but equally compelling. C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons
There aren't as many this week that I'm DYING to read, but there are a number that I'll read eventually. Duplicity, Under a Painted Sky, and Everything That Makes You. Also I'll have to pick up Terry Pratchett's book. Sad. :( Great list, as always! C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons
Great post! I think I'm still in the stage where I do want to keep up with big blogs, although not necessarily the hugest ones. I'm never going to be BookHounds and I'm cool with that. But I'd love to get my blog to your level, honestly--able to read what I want, but also to have many repeat commenters to chat with. I'm still getting there. But I try not to worry too much, because at this point in my life, blogging has to step aside for school. C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons
Gah, it really depends. Most of the time, I won't try the author again unless they have another book that really grabs me. UNLESS the author is extremely well-loved or I've gotten a recommendation from a friend. So, for example, I found SHIVER by Maggie Stiefvater a bit too Twilighty, but I adore her as a person and she's so well loved that I decided I really need to try out Raven Boys. Similarly, I wasn't crazy about Graceling, but my fellow blogger friend convinced me to try Bitterblue. But there are other books like Asylum by Madeleine Roux where I just don't think her style gels with mine. C.J. Sarcasm & Lemons
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Mar 3, 2015