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I live in Ottawa and commute by "OCTranspo" bus. On weekdays, "express" routes service suburban communities, bringing the mostly white-collar workers from their home neighbourhoods to the downtown core for their government jobs. In the late afternoon, said routes are reversed, bringing the same commuters home. This, combined with the "non-express" routes which run all the time (except in the middle of the night), effectively IS a "two-tier" bus system. My strictly qualitative observations suggest most of these commuters are part of families with two or more cars. The cars are used to commute on days when "the kids need to be picked up" and evenings and weekends for everything but getting to and from the office. We have no kids and only one car but we use the car evenings and weekends; our free time would be utterly wasted waiting for the local buses. A round-trip between home and friends by car would take 40 minutes versus 3 HOURS+ on the local bus. For the daily commute, the bus makes sense here in Ottawa. For anything else, OCTranspo largely earns the "loser-cruiser" moniker.
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May 4, 2011