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You said: Have you found that vocational sweet spot in your life? If so, how? Hi Bill: We all have gifts we were given when we incarnated this time around. Our task is to find those gifts and us them to better our time and this world when while we are here. How do you find them? There are always subtle hints given to us throughout our childhood: Do you write at every opportunity? Do you play a musical instrument and love every moment of it? If so then this what you should pursue. Don't let anyone persuade you otherwise. Follow your heart. Follow your intuition. This is God's plan for you. For if you ignore your gift you will live an unhappy life. You may be successful, however your emotional life will be a wreck. Fortunately, I found my gifts and I'm using each one of them in ways to better my world. What are my gifts? --The faith I have, that God has given to me. --The written word --Photography I'm using my faith and my writing now to help move people forward, to show them that there is another way to be spiritual. If I can help even one person then I've done my job. You said: We want to know that someone is thinking of us when we don't know it. Do you have these people in your life? How did you find them. And how do you personally cultivate relationships with other people that stand the test of time? My friends are the most important people in my life and I count myself fortunate to have two or three REALLY close friends who I can count on. They know they can count me as well. How did I find these people? Being in the right place at the right time. The Divine intercedes when we need it. I wrote a column at my blog awhile ago called: Life's Questions: That deals with this very topic about how our friends come into our lives. How do I maintain my friendships? I do everything I can for them and expect nothing in return. Here's an example: Last year my best friend broke her leg and she was incapacitated for almost three months. Every day after work I was at her home, bringing her dinner, cleaning up after dinner, keeping her company. I did that because I wanted to and I didn't expect anything in return. That's what friends do for each other. Sorry this became a novella length comment, Bill. Sometimes I get going and I can't seem to close out my thoughts. Be Well! -- Chris
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Hi Bill: First let me say, the person who pounced on your quote may believe what he is saying. After all if that's the way he was raised then that's all he knows. It's a shame he can't move beyond that view. I've said at my blog and to many other bloggers who follow the spiritual path (Maybe have mentioned to you as well) God doesn't punish. God isn't vindictive. God is love. And Grace is freely given to anyone seeking it. Grace is a gift available to anyone If you'd like, take a look at my thoughts on grace here: There are about 8 columns here on two pages. The first page is the MOST relevant. I KNOW I've told you this before, Bill, but I'll say it again: Happy to meet and know a fellow traveler who is seeking enlightenment away from organized religion. -- Chris
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Hi Bill: Welcome back. First and foremost, I believe we will come out this situation we find ourselves in now stronger and better for having gone through it. We'll weather this storm as we have all the others that have come and gone. I don't think we'll be the same for having endured this very long recession, how could we be? We have to re-invent the way we do things. Maybe this is the time to think globally and not locally. I'm far from saying we should ignore our local needs. We should always look out for our local economies/businesses, but the world is becoming smaller, we're connected in more ways now then we ever were in the past. We can't ignore the fact that what we do in the US has far reaching ramifications on what happens on the other side of the world, just as what someone does in China has ramifications in the US as well as everywhere else. We need to consider our motives, our moves, our spending habits carefully. Don't forget this situation we find ourselves in is not just a US thing. The whole global economy is in turmoil and it isn't because of what one country has done. We're all responsible for this and if we can stop fighting over who did what to whom and put our collective thoughts together we can find the solution. It won't happen overnight, but we have so many good people who can help if we can simply set aside our differences. Start looking at our similarities. Start helping and stop arguing. That's what we need to do to fix this. -- Chris
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Hi Bill: I look forward to following you to your next project. Please let us know when and where to find you. I've thoroughly enjoyed your columns here and wish you nothing but success. Can't wait to see your next project. -- Chris CJP Wisdom and Life
Hi Bill: I like this column very much. Interesting that you bring up the idea of getting a small group of non-religous spiritual sojourners together, because this has long been a desire of mine. What I'd most like is to gather people together of different faiths, different worldviews and discuss what makes their belief systems tick. I think that's what's missing in traditional church. It's one of the reasons I never felt comfortable in church. I'd like to have the chance to speak as well. discover what makes a congregation tick so to speak. Like your white stone story too. -- Chris
You said: But because in the last couple of weeks I've come to believe so strongly that the words that will rest upon the pages of the finished work are not coming from me. Yes, it's my mind, my imagination, my fingers doing the typing. But the story, the message of the book to all of us who long to find a spiritual home in the richness of the Divine One who dwelt among us, is not one I could conjure. I'm merely the utensil useful for serving it to you. Hi Bill: Have you read Neale Donald Walsch? In Conversation w/God he says the same. That he believes the words he wrote in the 1st book came directly from God. Maybe if you haven't yet read it you shouldn't until you finish Underground. It can be so exciting when writing and the story just spills out of you. When writing the last of my six unpublished novels, the first draft was written in a little under two months. Was writing 10-15 pages a day. It was something that HAD to come out. I equate it with a quote from Ray Bradbury, one of my favorite authors. He said: Writing a first draft is like throwing up on a page LOVE that quote because that's exactly the way I felt when writing that 1st draft. -- Chris
Hi Bill: Everything you've written here is part and parcel of my world view. I've never NOT believed this. God is not vengeance. God has never been vengeance. Humanity made him that way. God is love. The only thing God requires of us is for us to be accepting of everyone, to love everyone as HE loves us. I'll echo others here and say also that I'm happy to read another column. -- Chris
If we stop worrying about what may come and focus solely on what is, live in the moment in other words, we will find peace, joy and love.
Hi Bill: Here's my interpretation for what its worth, and I like you fear trouble coming my way: God, Buddha, Mohammed? They're all one in the same. It's all in the interpretation. Of course a Christian believer cannot and will not support a Buddhist interpretation of religion, just as one who studies Islam won't support a Christian paradigm. So just as we have different languages that say and mean the same thing if we have the key to understanding each other, religions have different belief systems but if we have the key we can see just how similar we are. God, Buddha, Mohammed. It's all one in the same. That's what I think. -- Chris
Hi Bill: Loved all the examples you gave of how truth is proven. There certainly are universal truths and 2+2=4 is just one of them. Gravity is another. But there is also truth that can NOT be proven. Our own truths, our own beliefs our own world views. Everyone has different perspectives on life. My truths may NOT be your truths. What matters though is that we all live by our truth, we all apply our truth to our daily life. Thanks, Bill. -- Chris
Hi Bill: As I've said in my OWN blog and too many of my blogger friends, you have to write for YOURSELF first. Don't worry about how others may react. In the end it's those people that come back again and again for your wisdom that matter. Not the one shot people that make a derogatory comment then never return. Your blog, like Jessica Mokrzycki's has become a must see in a short period of time because I like that you're honest about your struggle with religion vs spirituality. You've never insulted ME and I've gone back and read many of your previous entries. Nothing I've seen has been in the least bit hurtful. I for one think you MUST continue writing about what you've been writing about. You should only do this if this is the direction you want to go. It's VERY important to follow your heart, Bill. Don't let anyone dissuade you from following your bliss. -- Chris
Wow!!!! HO--LY Cow, Jessica! I MUST commend you once again on a superbly written piece. Heartfelt and honest, this is AHHHH-MAZING! As we've talked about before, there IS no wrong way to God. If you feel God in your heart, in your soul then you're on the right path. Keep on that path. If you feel your faith slipping away as you did then you know you're on the wrong path. I'm proud that you were able to find a new path and that new path reawakened your passion for God. So many people will continue along the same religious road they've always traveled, just because it feels safe. But safe doesn't always bring joy. You did good, Jessica. Keep searching. It is in the searching that you find your bliss. In is in the searching that you find God. -- Chris
Hi Bill: I'm always surprised, though I REALLY shouldn't be when I find others who like me are not finding peace, joy their calling in organized religion. I've NEVER really felt comfortable in any church setting, and I've gone to several. In my heart I'd still like to find somewhere I can feel at home. I THINK most of us who are seeking would like nothing better then to find our home. Glad I discovered another wayward soul. -- Chris
So true, Bill: My own belief appears to mirror yours in this respect. God doesn't love us any less if we dona't attend religion. I wrote a similar blog on Friday. Check it out if you like: -- Chris
Hi Bill: Love your thoughts here. Nature and God and all of creation go hand in hand. Like you, I find my peace while walking through a wooded trail, in an open field or near the water. Nature is my playground. It's where I go when I need to recenter myself. Fab thoughts here. -- Chris
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Aug 1, 2011