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If the mercury is so safe, then why don't the mercury supporters demonstrate the safety by injecting themselves? The mercury supporters can demonstrate this safety by injecting themselves proportionately to the weight that our children were when they received their mercury injections. This of course witnessed by those parents with vaccine injured children. Elizabeth Gillespie
I read an article in one of our newspapers a couple of weeks back, it was reporting about the vaccine debate and the disgraced doctor (guess who?). However, they did not report that Dr Wakefield was fraudulent the article stated that he was before the GMC for "misconduct." I wonder if [they] realise that the public are no longer fooled by [their] blatant lies. Of course the article failed to mention that Walker-Smith was exonerated. Perhaps it is too much to ask. Elizabeth Gillespie P.S I wish I kept the article.
Here in Australia, our NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is currently being rolled-out around Australia in the smallest-of-small increments. Depending on where you live in Australia is determined on whether you qualify for the NDIS, then, you have to meet the most convoluted criteria. My severely Autistic, low functioning, non-verbal, twelve-year-old does not meet the criteria, so you have to ask, who does? Elizabeth Gillespie
Perhaps I should be grateful being paid $59.00 (£33.04/(USA$55.46) a week from the Australian Government as a full-time carer for a severely Autistic, non-verbal, twelve-year-old. I may be denied less money if I demand more! Our Government is dealing with a "sickly" budget because of over spending in the wrong areas. Money should be directed to those who really need it, the most, and since Australia does not have a Vaccine Injury Compensation Programme then I consider my son's cause "who really need it, the most!" Thanks for the article John. Elizabeth Gillespie
There is a small glimmer of hope. An innocent little girl has been finally compensated for a vaccine injury. Elizabeth Gillespie
I issued a complaint on the AMAZE website ( If you scroll down the page- Under the heading- "What are the Causes?" As bold as bold you will see:- ...ASD is not caused by vaccination or other medical treatment... I contacted AMAZE via us...Not happy with our service?...The AMAZE Complaints Procedure can be found pictorial format...I wrote to AMAZE telling them that I was unhappy with their unsubstantiated claim and wanted to know the person/s authorised to make such a claim and their qualification/s. AMAZE states...What will we do if you make a complaint?...Address your problem within 48 hours and tell you the next complaint was sent via email on Wednesday the 21st May 2014! Perhaps AMAZE meant...we will address any complaints within 48 years... Elizabeth Gillespie
..."there is no evidence the current schedule is unsafe;"... There is no evidence the current schedule is SAFE! "Ya gotta luv the spin doctors." Elizabeth Gillespie
In Australia our equation is easy- Administration Fees $0.00 and our Vaccine Injury Compensation Programme-ZERO. A (VICP) does not exist in Australia, there were discussion about introducing a programme, (the discussions are printed in the January 2006, Australian Health Law Bulletin). I think they (those who think they are in authority) are still discussing the matter! Elizabeth Gillespie
@ onewayforsomebutnottheonlyway ...Vaccines can be the "icing on the cake," the wrong ingredient and the wrong time, etc. However, there are increasingly more and more environmental dangers (e.g. our food supply) that is so toxic to our digestive system (the immune system) that a genetically predisposed individual may still develop brain damage unless and until we stop poisoning ourselves... Food may be laced with various toxins, but given that no-one has a blueprint of your DNA our bodies may very well be adapted to naturally excrete these toxins. It may be the vaccines that trigger the Autism behaviour and all the more reason to screen or test our babies prior to vaccinating them? Elizabeth Gillespie
At the committee was Tom Insel hinting for more funding to do more studies to "maybe" find the cause of Autism. Does he think that there is an endless pit of money out there that should be allocated to him because of his self-importance wanting to "maybe" find the cause of Autism. This is all an "illusion of activity." Elizabeth Gillespie
@ aspiesmom You are right, they [Wikipedia] use the word "consensus" to quickly "shut-down" their argument without providing any facts, studies or evidence. I tried removing the word "fraudulent" on Wikipedia about Dr Andrew Wakefield. Wikipedia emailed me ..."the consensus is"...then blocked me from making any further corrections! Elizabeth Gillespie
...and the saga continues...and our children are still suffering. Elizabeth Gillespie
Toggle Commented May 13, 2014 on The Dismal Return of Brian Deer at AGE OF AUTISM
If the petitioner's evidence was strong enough to show a vaccine injury link, then why not proceed through the courts? Unless, "those in power" want to prevent any vaccine-injury compensations to become public knowledge. The more people who know about vaccine-injuries, I guess the less that would vaccinate. Australia does not have a "Vaccine Injury Compensation Programme." Elizabeth Gillespie
I was wondering what was happening with this defamation case. Good luck Dr Wakefield. Elizabeth Gillespie
If we become the majority will the government listen then? Elizabeth Gillespie
Exceptionally brilliant list! Elizabeth Gillespie
Our last study was conducted in 2004 with children born between 1992 & 1998. The rate 1:160 My child was born in 2002 and still hasn't been counted. There have been no further "proper" studies commissioned to determine the prevalence of Autism in this country. There have many guesses ranging from 1:110 to 1:90 depending on who you speak to. At the end of the day no-one has a clue! Elizabeth Gillespie
Kim you forgot to say; ..."and with so many apathetic governments worldwide, out to protect a product merely for profit, no wonder the Autism numbers are growing..." From a physically and mentally drained mum! Elizabeth Gillespie
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2014 on New CDC Numbers Coming Tomorrow at AGE OF AUTISM
For the past three years I have joined the Autism walk to raise awareness for a good cause, but each year the numbers have dwindled. Not because there are less children being diagnosed, but because the parents are too tired dealing with the day-to-day battles of Autism and an apathetic government. Elizabeth Gillespie
John, I have been blocked from editing on Wikipedia. I couldn't care less. Interesting how Zackiegirl25 who has left posts in this thread has been using the same pseudonym I used in making my amendments to Andrew Wakefield's Wikipedia page. I suggest all Age of Autism readers keep these Big Pharma trolls busy by editing the page as often as they can until they too get banned. Keeping the truth about Dr Andrew Wakefield in Wikipedia is essential as Wikipedia is often the first resource many people go to when starting their research on a topic. (A bit like a medical case study to generate hypotheses for future studies - now where have I heard that before?) Getting banned is a small price to pay in defence of a good man who simply told the truth. Aussie Dad
In response to "Aussie Dad" and his amendments to Wikipedia's entry about Andrew Wakefield. The following changes were made: Paragraph 1 ..."fraudulent"... Aussie Dad removed. Paragraph 1 ..."research paper in support of the now-discredited claim that there is"...Aussie Dad removed and replaced with ..."case study suggesting..." A paragraph 2 was added by Aussie Dad ..."Dr Wakefield explained in a 2009 article "That Paper" a 7 page concise explanation of the reasons for the case study, the findings and the concerns it raised. For persons new to this controversy it is a good place to start to understand his position. [99] A paragraph 3 was added by Aussie Dad It is of some note, however, that none of the parents of the children involved had any complaint whatsoever with Dr Wakefield nor the team at the Royal Free and their procedures. Paragraph's 2 & 3 were completely removed by Wikipedia and ..."known for his fraudulent"... in paragraph one was returned. The "hubby" and I had enough time to print these changes before Wikipedia stepped-in. Elizabeth Gillespie
..."I have a son he has autism, but, I also have dream. I dare dream of a world where profound regressive autism is not only treatable, but is also preventable”... I second that Favourite Tweet! Elizabeth Gillespie
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2014 on Imagine the Feelings at AGE OF AUTISM
...if you throw enough mud, some will stick... Keep telling a "lie" and it soon becomes the "truth", that it what Big Pharma is counting on. Elizabeth Gillespie
On November 2014, after serving 4 years in office (one term), we all head back to the polling booth for a State Election to either re-elect the current government or elect the opposition. I was invited to attend a public forum as part of a review for our State and express my views on anything I was concerned about. I told the forum how disappointed I was that during the last election, no politician from either side mentioned AUTISM. ..."AUTISM"...a word in Australia that remains silent...! Elizabeth Gillespie P.S Thanks for the update John!
There is more behind the contamination of vaccines than meets the eye! A Perth family filed a civil action against CSL in the Federal Courts for a "defective" flu shot (Fluvax). It is one of Australia's largest medical compensation cases. The four-year-old suffered fevers and febrile convulsions after receiving the Fluvax. She is now suffering from severe hypoxic brain injury and is left a quadriplegic with epilepsy and limited vision. The family has a compelling case because CSL admitted that the Fluvax was defective and the vaccine was immediately withdrawn (three days after the little girl's shot). ...The Health Department's Paul Effler wrote in the Medical Journal of Australia that there had been insufficient studies into Fluvax's safety before it was rolled out in 2010... To date there have been no further updates about the lawsuit in the news. I clearly recall my son's doctor returning to his surgery with the MMR in his hands. As he was injecting my son his comment was ..."this is an old batch but it is still good!"... Apparently all the new batches of MMR had been used and he could only find an old batch. You have to wonder why this batch remained on the shelf! Elizabeth Gillespie