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Ckeilah Facade
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Actually, NOTFlix Streaming seems to *remove* movies that I started watching and want to go back to finish later. They don't add them to the DVD availability list either; the titles are just *gone*, dumped into the "saved DVD" queue. WTF? Oh, and the graphic is funny, but should replace Illegally Downloaded with "went to my local Mom&Pop video store and found all the Kurasawa movies, along with everything else actually worth watching, and then cancelled my NOTFlix membership before the price hike" ;-)
Streaming is working again. This fiasco borked a planned evening of chilling out though, and replaced it with yet more technology thrashing. Y'all know that Sony has announced that their new line of blu-ray playing PS3 will output HD *only* via DHCP DRM controlled HDMI, right? So when streaming goes out NTSC/PAL will be as high a resolution as you can watch on your old plasmas. Time to go back to flip-books I guess. ;-P
NitFlox is H4X0R3D! :-P
belay that! iPwn netflix also fails.
TOTAL failure on PS3 and Bravia TV. I *can* get some things to play, albeit with lots of jitter, on MacBook and iPwn, but we were all set for the next Doctor Who on the BIG SCREEN, not huddling around the tiny lap warmer. I wonder if NetFlix is being DDOS'ed or something....
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Jul 17, 2011