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<b>CK is <u>C</u>hristina <u>K</u>erley:<br>A high-energy marketer with high-impact results.</b><br><a href= target=blank> (PDF version of bio here)</a>
Interests: <b>Fun</b>:Reading, film, friends, TV, theatre, traveling all points north/south/east/west, good debates, very dirty martinis and great meals--be they steak, sushi or spaghetti.
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TypePad HTML Email Of course I understand confidentiality with mergers (huh?), that wasnt my point. My point, again, is this: Why am I reading about this on Mashable this morning... and now, at 3:30pm being told an email is being crafted for your loyal, paying customers? I shouldnt have to dig for information... that assurance should come to me, and timely. Its just really a letdown all around, and I have a very sensible point here of reaching out to your customers far more quickly. Good example of what not to do.
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I just can't understand why this wasn't emailed to your loyal, paying customers. I literally had to submit a ticket to the help desk (as if they need to be fielding this request) in order to be directed here. The thing is, any customer-centric company knows that customers get concerned with acquisitions (call them mergers if you will) and to read about it on mashable... and not from my own 'customer-centric' provider that I've been paying since 2006? I'm just stunned at how little thought was given to customers... which only raises my level of concern. This will be used as a "what-not-to-do example" in my upcoming speeches to companies. Very let down that a simple email reassuring your 'valued customers' wasn't issued. And to think I've been an advocate of the company and always lauding how communicative it is with its customers. BIG let down. Even worse if you don't learn from it. Just a simple email was all it would have took... why is this so difficult? Well, thanks for hearing me out. -CK
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Mar 15, 2010