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This is not a diatribe. A diatribe is (from a bitter, sharply abusive denunciation, attack, or criticism. This is a calm, rational, reasoned discussion of the issues. Don't make it sound nasty when it's not.
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I went there for dinner first, then lunch about a week later. Dinner was EXCELLENT. I thought the food would be like Indian food, but it wasn't. Similar, but not the same. And beautifully prepared. At lunch the buffet was very good. Not as fantastic as the dinner, but I think with a buffet it's very hard because the food has to sit there in a warming pan. I had some of the Nepalese dishes too and they were great. The mutton curry is made with goat meat but it doesn't taste weird in any way - in fact, it was one of my favorite dishes. I've eaten goat before so I wasn't afraid to try it. It's great to find food that's actually different enough to feel new but close enough to what you know to not be scary.
Whoa, whoa, can we ratchet back the rhetoric a bit? MAYBE it was one teacher (or a couple of teachers) explaining a question to kids who didn't speak English well - or some special needs children. MAYBE the parent who complained was mad because his/her kid wasn't going to do as well as the 'small' number who 'got help.' And even the allegation says it was a SMALL NUMBER - not a widespread issue. WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. Whatever happened to 'innocent until proven guilty'?? Really.
How can a "secret camera" be "installed on automated teller machines (ATMs)"? ATMs always have cameras recording who goes up to them - so wouldn't the bank be able to identify someone who put up a "secret camera"? I'd love if the police would disable that skimmer, put it back on, and give a demonstration. People could go to the ATM for a day to see for themselves what a skimmer looks like and how to spot a "secret camera". Wouldn't that be useful to a LOT of people? How about it, Rye Police?
Yes, hoi polloi was misused. I checked, just to be sure.
This is such an easy place to go during the day - the vibe can NOT be beat! When the weather's nice you can be outdoors, indoors, or at the edge - it's glorious. Food is good, inexpensive, there's always parking. Service is definitely spotty and often slow. I've been there three or four times and haven't had the disasters discussed above. But if you prepare yourself for that, it's just FAB. But I haven't been there during the hopping night scene.
That's bad ... but there's also the person who donated a container of BATTERY ACID (Concentrated sulfuric acid) to the Rye Presbyterian Church Thrift Shop. Now THERE's a real sellable item.
I'm with Alan! Ogden Nash Park! Good name, and we could post plaques with some of his funniest poems around the park. And goofy sculpture to go with them. It would be cool and FUN.
"Big shot [crossword] puzzle author"?? While I personally am in awe of crossword puzzle authors, and mean no disrespect to Paula herself, "Big shot crossword puzzle author" is hilarious! I think you get paid $200 for a puzzle, and the 22 or so people who actually do think you're a big shot are, let's say, often socially challenged ... (perhaps me included) ... gave me a chuckle!
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Jan 17, 2011