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How about some transparancy ABM? How much was convincing enough to you to work with a homophobic company? Did you ask for more in light of their recent bad press? Any PR person would tell you the tempers and outrage that were created from the Chairman's homophobic comments have not cooled yet. No smart company goes near another company with such bad press without a lengthy cooling off period from the time of the indiscrection so the money they offered you must have been good. I'm sorry but I have really lost respect for this blog due to this poor choice of partnership. I don't care that it seems like they are trying to make ammends and improve the culture of the company to be more LGBTQ friendly. At the end of the day they are trying to cover their ass. Still in the face of a PR nightmare of course they would list all of the wonderful improvements they are making. Sorry you were duped but honestly no large amount of money is worth your good name and hopefully this backlash will be a lesson you can take into the future. Don't risk damaging your reputation with a company that has already damaged theirs.
Hi Jacki. "They immediately distanced themselves from the comment, apologized profusely, and made changes to the company's plans to directly contradict what the CEO said" simply because in the wake of what was said they were in a PR nightmare! The actions following the homophobic rhetoric was nothing more than trying to save their ass and customers from boycotting. I believe in second chances with friends and fasmily but not with big corporations profiting off our continued patronage.
EXACTLY!!! I was very sad it took me so long to find another commenter who found this partnership disturbing! I love ABM but this gaffe as well as the "Jungle Fever" recipe makes it clear they don't always do their homework! The first thing they should do when approached by outside companies is google them! ABM why team up with a company who's had bad press as recently as last year? Don't you see this reflects negatively on your company as well?
So ABM you don't care about the terrible Comments made by Barilla's chairman just last year then?? Terrible company. Should not be supported.
The results are in! I made it last night and it was absolutely delicious! I did used flavoured Quinoa however (Garlic and Herb Quinoa) so I'm not sure if that drastically changed the original flavour (it tasted amazing to me).
Toggle Commented Jul 23, 2014 on Quinoa Shrimp Scampi at A Beautiful Mess
Any chance when posting recipes you guys can also post an easy printable version? Whenever I try to print an ABM recipe it prints really wonky with half a picture on one page and the rest of the picture on the other, often the list of ingredients will be split between 2 pages as well. This is even after I change the page scaling and manipulate the print job. Maybe a PDF document with just the ingredients and instructions? I'm trying this recipe tonight wonky print job or not :)
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2014 on Quinoa Shrimp Scampi at A Beautiful Mess
Seems like a bit of a process. I'm lazy but I still might try it. How long does the mixture last in the spray bottle? Can it be stored for a while if I don't use it often?
FYI the "Jungle Baby" recipe is still showing in Google for ABM if you search that term. The link to the site doesn't work but the search term is still with Google as a recipe for ABM.
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2014 on Tropical Pineapple Smoothie at A Beautiful Mess
I'm also really needing a new blender and would love advice Emma. Currently I have a $16 mini blender from Walmart. I can tell the motor is getting worn out and it will now only blend very tiny pieces of fruit/whatever. Which means I add time chopping away fruit into tiny tiny pieces. What is your opinion on glass vs. plastic blenders. I'm afraid buying a glass one is bad for a klutz like me and I may break it. I'd also really love not to spend more than $40 but then I wonder if it will burn out quickly and if by going cheaper I'm sacrificing blender quality. Maybe a good idea for a post! I'd love to hear reviews and price conscious options. I live in Canada so options I can buy here would be appreciated :) Thanks so much love this blog!
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2014 on Tropical Pineapple Smoothie at A Beautiful Mess
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