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I'm a writer in San Francisco.
Interests: literature, geography, women's issues, visual art, odonymy, transportation, racism, hybridity, asian american, hapa, multiracial, urbanism, young adult fiction, movies, reading, writing, feminism, walking, surfing, fiction, science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy
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Pireeni Sundaralingam: Drink 8 glasses of water (with no additives) each day. So, I'm not really someone who gets dehydrated. I drink about four glasses of water/day and about 3-6 cups of herbal tea. But I'll take this challenge! First of all, the cups depicted, which I have in five colors, contain 19 ounces of water. Not filled entirely to the top I'll call it 16, or two 8 oz. glasses. So one cup is actually two standard glasses of water--"health authorities" commonly state that you should drink 8 8-oz. glasses of water/day or 2 liters. I can drink more.... Continue reading
Posted Mar 17, 2020 at 50 Challenges
I'm taking a brief hiatus from starting new challenges while I help set up a COVID 19 mutual aid project. I'm still doing all the ones I've already started, but will stagger the beginnings of other year-long challenges, so that they end up going into next year. Continue reading
Posted Mar 17, 2020 at 50 Challenges
Angelika Richter: Trage jeden Tag 10 kleine ungekochte Bohnen in Deiner rechten Hosentasche. Hast Du ein positives Erlebnis am Tag, lass eine Bohne in die linke Hosentasche wandern. Am Ende des Tages zähle die „positiven“ Bohnen und erinnere Dich bewusst an diese Augenblicke! (transl.: Every day, carry 10 small uncooked beans in your right pocket. Whenever you have a positive experience during the day, move a bean to your left pocket. At the end of the day, count the "positive" beans and consciously remember these moments!) I love this one! It's a combo mindfulness and gratitude exercise. I did, however,... Continue reading
Posted Mar 7, 2020 at 50 Challenges
Sam Chanse: starting a snail-mail correspondence ... just the idea of regular exchange of cards/letters/paper stuffs through usps feels nice and concrete and connect-y. Just sticking my head in to show the lovely colorful envelopes (50 of 'em!) I ordered for this purpose. I also got some handmade envelopes from Etsy to switch it up. Heh. Continue reading
Posted Mar 6, 2020 at 50 Challenges
Sam Chanse: starting a snail-mail correspondence ... just the idea of regular exchange of cards/letters/paper stuffs through usps feels nice and concrete and connect-y. Begun and underway. I've ordered some fun, colorful envelopes for the purpose. Otherwise: private. Continue reading
Posted Mar 1, 2020 at 50 Challenges
John Lum: Rewrite the lyrics for Paul Simon's “50 ways to lose your lover” into a parody about Donald Trump. I got this challenge from John Lum on Feb. 15 and immediately caught fire, writing the first draft in an hour, with the help of an online rhyming dictionary. I also asked him immediately if he would sing the results at my birthday party and he agreed, so I also looked up the karaoke backing music on YouTube (which is above) so he'd have accompaniment. Sadly John was recovering from a cold last we spoke, so he might not be... Continue reading
Posted Feb 29, 2020 at 50 Challenges
Erika Padilla Morales: I challenge you (and myself) to have the appropriate stash of meds at all times so we never fall behind and can eliminate that factor from spoon stealing life events! These (top shelf, left, and second shelf) are my medications and supplements (except those which live in the fridge.) In total, I take 12 prescriptions, and 12 supplements. All of these except one come in pill form, and I load up on the pill bottles and then fill my two-week pill organizer every two weeks. This is the pill organizer. As you can see, it's actually a... Continue reading
Posted Feb 28, 2020 at 50 Challenges
(Explanation Below) Legend: Completed challenges; longer challenges underway; untouched challenges ALL YEAR CHALLENGES: Claire Light: create a new blog to track 50 challenges Praba Pilar: Get together once a month to read Octavia Butler out loud together, and discuss. Amanda Leuck: What about writing an open thank you letter to a different artist/creator/author/musician whose work has touched your life each week? You could post it on your blog before mailing it off. And it could be to anyone for any sort of creation - a great magazine piece, a cartoon, the creator of your favorite toy - anything. Sam Chanse:... Continue reading
Posted Feb 27, 2020 at 50 Challenges
Happy Hols, Kara!
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2014 on The Dark is Rising at SeeLight
Thanks for putting this out there and giving me the heads up, Corey!
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2012 on arg arg arg at SeeLight
How often to shower is not my conundrum, but rather how often to wash my hair.
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2011 on On Cleanliness at GWENDA BOND
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Andrea, Thanks for reading! Trans/non binary-gendered people should bring whatever they like to the party; othered people get the freedom of other at my parties, not the marginalization. Go ahead and steal. I was already contacted by VIDA about them stealing the idea and I'm going to talk to them about people doing these all over. So I get the feeling that the more folks do this, the happier everyone will be. Stay tuned for info on this.
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2011 on Why You Still Need to be a Feminist at SeeLight
Gwenda, Just a quick, OT note: thank you for this blog as resource. When I don't know what I want to read next, I can always come here and find a reliable recommendation. Thanks!
Toggle Commented Dec 30, 2010 on Lames Excuses Post at GWENDA BOND
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Mar 15, 2010
Thanks Cy! You should buy it directly from the publisher, so the publisher gets a bigger cut. They're good about sending them out immediately. Here's their website: They use frames, so you have to click through "current publications" and go to the "Conversation Pieces" section. My book is #26 in the series. Look forward to hearing what you think!
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2010 on io9 Review at SeeLight
I read about that recently. What do you mean the type of bullying is different? I hope Kazu isn't catching any of that.
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2010 on More On Bullying at SeeLight
Thanks, Shailja, for your awesome poem last night, and just for being there and being yerself!
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2010 on Birthday Party/Book Release at SeeLight
@ Stella: thanks for coming back and reading. It's easy for folks to misrepresent each other on the internet, so I really appreciate someone coming here and actually *hearing* what I had to say. @ alices: yeah, I ask all the time :). This post was written entirely from what people have told me and from what my own experience has been (why I myself don't submit to certain markets, although I'm pretty active in this area.) The conjecture part was my projecting what some people have said to me outward over all other poc, many of whom like you, don't have this same experience. Yeah, I ask people. I also cajole, encourage, and sympathize with writers I know who do and don't submit to a variety of pubs, workshops, residencies, grantmakers, etc. I have a spreadsheet of about 80-90 "mainstream" short story markets I'll give to any friend who says yes when I offer: 200 hours of work on my part, for free. Yes, a lot of people turn me down when I offer, or don't follow up. And yes, I do ask why. I consider encouraging writers I know to submit work part of my work for the community; work that includes teaching writing for free or cheap, organizing readings, working for an organization that offers scholarships to writers of color for writing workshops and literary awards, writing reviews and editing, sitting on panels to review work by writers applying for grants and other opportunities, and offering public assistance whenever and however possible to writers of color who need information on opportunities and processes. I'm glad you actively submit, and I'm even more glad that you are choosy about whom you're submitting to. Not all the good writers out there are doing either of these things. And in fact, in my experience, the majority are not. Although I spend most of my time working directly with writers of color, this particular post wasn't directed at writers of color, but rather at editors who wanted more submissions from writers of color. It's a feedback loop, and a lot of editors don't seem to realize this. Editors' actions and presentation affects how writers of color make decisions about submissions, and a friendly invitation to submit might actually make the difference with a significant number of poc who aren't submitting right now.
Thanks, Bryan! And thanks for all your support!
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2010 on Reading and Interview at SeeLight
That would be awesome! O when shall I see you next, Wendy?
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2010 on Reading and Interview at SeeLight
You'll have to ask Timmi directly if she's going to do that.
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2010 on Squeal! at SeeLight
kindles are WAAAAAYYY bigger than iPod touches, for my aging eyes. also: yes we are.
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2010 on Reading Update at SeeLight
Thanks, Christine! So far, no down sides. I also just emailed a word document to my Kindle and am about to sit down and do slush duty ... ON MY KINDLE! Oh, one downside: emails to your Kindle cost 15 cents each. I just like saying "Kindle."
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2010 on Reading Update at SeeLight
I thought Child Garden was like Air probably among his best. I've read those two and also Was. Wasn't as impressed with Was. Basically, I think he writes a mean novel, but has no idea how to end them. All three novels I've read start out strong, get complex, and then spin off into meaninglessness because he can't bring the whole mess back down to a satisfying or necessary ending. I'd say it was too bad, but then, the first two thirds of his brilliant novels are like nothing else in this world, and if you have to have a non-ending to get the beginning and the middle, so be it.
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2010 on What I Read in 2009 at SeeLight
Thanks for the link, Gwenda. I just started year 7 of da nobble, and it's not budging. I really needed to hear that.
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2009 on The Lessons of Despair at GWENDA BOND
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