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I think the BU does engage with ordinary members and ordinary ministers but we need to make the possibilities for doing so greater..... how I don't know.....!
Andy, I think that one of the problems with the discussion so far as that we are getting too caught up in the little things and missing the bigger picture. We might be in danger of theorising things too much. I think that Rowena you are right. We need to begin much more to tell the stories of interdependence. When we do that it needs to be stories from ordinary people in ordinary churches. Scholarly thinking is really good, but too often it misses the voice of the member of the local church. We are in danger of doing just that. Perhaps that is why some people choose not to engage with the BU?
Thank you. Your 6 challenges resonate deeply with my frustrations with a lot of the discussions going around at the moment. I do think that some 20 somethings have some very wise things to say into stuff though, and the danger we have is that we miss the quiet voices coming through because the bratty ones are shouting the loudest. is now following The Typepad Team
Feb 8, 2012