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Toggle Commented 1 hour ago on Grim Forecasts at JustOneMinute
Jeffrey Satinover 32 mins · "Flatten the Curve"--corrections to widespread oversimplifications: 1. Social distancing slows the spread of infection; in the theoretical ideal it does not reduce the number of cases. 2. In this theoretical ideal, the primary benefit of flattening the curve is to create a more orderly flow of ill patients into limited medical services and out again, lowering death rates due to inadequate care. 3. But slowing the rate of spread has other benefits: (a) In practice the more vulnerable willy nilly quarantine themselves better than the less vulnerable so that the development of herd immunity occurs with fewer fatalities (also because of 2.). (b)The more time that passes to attain a certain case-rate the more likely that treatments, tests, management strategies and vaccines will have been developed. Standard epidemiological models, no matter how sophisticated cannot and do not account for human ingenuity--even though it is a, if not the, dominant force driving human history (maybe envy is #1). By definition, it cannot be predicted.
Toggle Commented 2 hours ago on Grim Forecasts at JustOneMinute
well, I retrieved the box of masks we bought for the anthrax scare and they are N-95 facial lock masks! This is like finding lost treasure these days.
Toggle Commented 3 hours ago on Grim Forecasts at JustOneMinute
Why let a little global pandemic keep you from a week of tequila shooters at Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Quote Tweet The Daily Texan @thedailytexan · 8h Clarification from @UTAustin: All 28 of the people who tested positive after taking a spring trip to Cabo are UT students. Show this thread 6:46 PM · Mar 31, 2020·Twitter Web App 39 Retweets 195 Likes David Burge @iowahawkblog · 4h Replying to @iowahawkblog This is Dave Burge reminding you college students are the stupidest fucking people on Planet Earth
Of course, if the death rate is 100k or less the left will claim this was all an unnecessary DJT move. Prove me wrong.
Selling ingredients. Nueske's has a sale on 5 lb packages of their great applewood bacon cause that's the size restaurants usually buy and D'Artagnan has had daily 25% offers on their best products, I'm sure there are more..but even if they discount these items and retail them, they come out a bit ahead over the wholesale prices they were charging restaurants.
You know what, I don't feel isolated because every minute I get another begging letter from a pol (Susan Collins in particular in nuts about me but the list is very long and persistent.)And then there are those sweet telephone guys who want to extend my car warranty (mine is a 1992 Toyota) or switch me from my gas and electric company to save me lots of money and so forth. I never feel alone.
Steph, a lot of the higher end ones, are offering online sales to make up what they lost on the restaurant trade, too.
Japanese food tonight--Japanese style broiled oysters(motoyaki), wild caught yellowfin tuna teriyaki, Sashimi yellowfin tuna poke and radish, baby bok choy and scallions with roasted sesame dressing. Good way to clear the pantry of a lot of condiments.
Stealing from Mel Brooks--the FBI stinks on ice.
She did call, OL, and offered to come, but until we saw more of Hogan's order, we said don't come this week we'll just send a check. Her other client is on chemotherapy and she could definitely not go there.
Ok OL, which one of us will crack first and just run out into the street kissing strangers? Are we ready to do the Black Plague dance of death yet?
If they keep posting stuff about the early stages of the Wuhan virus, every hypochondriac in America will be beating at hospital doors.
OL-I don't know about Va, but Md is less draconian than earliest reports.
Kennedy Center recently significantly increased its facilities with a $100 million overrun on the facility construction itself. The director makes over a $million a year. Why should we subsidize such improvidence. As it was it was sufficient for its purpose--these days largely an entertainment venue for tourists.
Chad Pergram @ChadPergram · 12m GOP WI Rep Stiel introduces bill to rescind $25 million for Kennedy Center in coronavirus phase 3 bill
I don't use icloud on my phone and ignore all those messages.
I set out my pikes and firebrands, OL..Not enough buyers then. Now I can't leave the house. In this strange place surrounded by Md and Va, the Md governor has forbidden non essential employees from entering DC. We're talking a couple of miles. My cleaning lady can't come here or to any other of her clients. we'll send her a check, of course, but this is ridiculous. I mean they are checking all cars from Silver spring to my house?
Should be cannot imagine life without them.
I can imagine life without parmesan and mozzarella.
I don't know anonamom, Dr Satinover is a very distinguished professional who thought this was good advice. Maybe stick to the steamy shower and breathing techniques.