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jimmyk, As long as the case was pending, Flynn was barred by Sullivan from speaking publicly on a variety of matters. Trump could have waited until hsi last day in office (presuming he feared he would not win these cases). Perhaps Flynn needed the pardon to be more public in the Powell suit whenever it is actually filed.
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Maybe sidney held off filing earlier today because she knew the pardon was coming and the hearing in Penn was proceeding, but the clerk's office is probably closed by now and will be tomorrow for Thanksgiving and still no word.
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Jimmyk, I didn't think they'd thought they would need so much and were sloppy.
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Jane, Trump cannot pardon a state conviction. Byrne on dominion
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Exactly, Iggy, which is why you should never argue with me , ;)
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I just read an article contesting Just the News (Goiliani's) claim about legislative hearings.
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MM--a recipe for you--(You can just sub chopped onions for the shallots in the marinade if you wish:): Fast, simple protein dish
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Is it just me or does Lin sound unhinged?
A little more background on Ga:
Your morning J Sullivan B.S.:
Above utube is interview with former CEO of overstock explaining how the machines were manipulated. It's long with a lot of other stuff as well--I hate videos. So much time when words would be quicker.
I THINK THERE'S SOMETHING TO THAT, TK. He may be subpoenaing them to establish the authenticity.
Trump is still pushing Dominion:
Maybe NSA wasn't doing more than recording during the election but upon a FISA search uncovered it. Is that not possible?
Must read. FTA:Neither the Democrats nor the national political and social media organizations that made their campaign for them (in deference to the infirm and inarticulate candidate, Joe Biden), had any expectation of a close election. So out of touch were Democratic leaders with their former supporters in the working- and lower-middle classes, and so unreservedly did they drink their own bathwater as administered by their puppet polling organizations, they assumed that the ability they had acquired to manipulate votes could be confined to the four democratically governed states of Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, as well as Georgia. In a phrase borrowed from their effort to deny Trump election in 2016, this was “an insurance policy.” It is difficult to interpret the voting results from those states in any other light. The president led all of them on election night; most or all of the counting inexplicably stopped, and large ballot ”drops” in the middle of the night miraculously delivered the states to Biden, with the further assistance of completely inadequate procedures for verification of authenticity and counting oversight by both parties. The president alleged fraud from the beginning and the response from the beginning has been that he and those making the argument for him failed to produce convincing evidence. This is in some cases a genuine lack of familiarity with how civil lawsuits proceed: a statement of claim is made and the evidence is adduced later. In other cases, it is the predictable attempt of the media to discredit the Trump challenges in advance by heaping abuse on its credibility and relying upon all those NeverTrump Republicans who have been hiding under their beds for the past four years to come out and fatuously urge acceptance of the result, even if some aspects of it are suspect.
I knew a man you had to memorize that sam Magee poem in middle school. In his sixties he could still recite the entire thing by heart.
Henry your earlier link indicated the poll supervisors were directing segregation of "indefinitely confined" ballots where the signature of the voter and the witness were in different inks. So it appears they did require wirnesses though perhaps not IDs.