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Jane lives in Fla.
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MissM, that happened Dec 4.
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Toggle Commented yesterday on We're Doing Everything! at JustOneMinute
Wish dear PUK were around to share this glorious night with us.
JMH, Happened to my sister, too after chemo--keratin treatment will strengthen it back to straight.
IIRC--and I may not have--RR signed the March 2017 FISA warrant shortly after he was confirmed. If so, it is entirely possible he was hoodwinked.
I haven't left though I will say the bickering is getting very very tiresome.
Narciso--sundance sure could. I get a headache reading him
Jane, where did you learn that Durham convened a GJ?
Andy McCarthy also said when the Patriot act (with FISA in it) was under consideration, we could trust that it wwould never be abused. He always seems to come around to reality rather late in the game. (1) the media's credibility has tanked along with its operating as a Dem cheerleading squad; (2) If you think NYT v Sullivan hasn't given them a green light to slander Republicans you need to rethink that (3) Rse,it's not a nw thing that public schools fill heads with nonsense. My husband and I were taught that the St Lawrence Seaway was going to make Milwaukee a major shipping port and esperanto would be the language of the future. (4) GUS, we're all pulling for a swift recovery.
Page and McCabe are the avatars of chutzpah.
FTA linked at 4:12--I understand the objection from Barr and Durham. I also understand why Horowitz reached his decision. From Horowitz’ perspective, the standard is so low that it is impossible to declare it wrong absent clear evidence of bias. The standard only requires an articulable basis to trigger a largely discretionary act to open an investigation. Nevertheless, I think that are reasons to question the opening of four investigations into the campaign of the opposing party. Indeed, if this were a Democratic campaign put under Republican investigation on these grounds, there would be calls for massive hearings today from every editorial page and Democratic office. The Justice Department has always maintained a rule that it should use the “least intrusive means” in such investigations. Instead, the Justice Department unleashed undercover agents, confidential sources, and secret surveillance. It went straight to DefCon 1. However, Horowitz focused on the discretionary element and concluded that at the outset no clear political bias was shown. That tenor changes later in the report as Horowitz notes the removal of exculpatory lines from the FISA application and the use of known false information, including the failure to inform the FISA court that Carter Page was actually working as an asset for the CIA. In fact there were clearly key players who have already been found to have been biased and were fired from the FBI. Horowitz reports that they played key roles, including McCabe directly agents to the Steele Dossier after they found no probable cause for a FISA application. Horowitz found that a document was falsified to remove exculpatory information and other such lines were removed but no one — no one — would say who removed them. Horowitz also says that actions of the FBI still have not been explained in keeping the investigation going despite overwhelming exculpatory evidence that the Russian collusion allegation was untrue. This gets back to my growing concern over the state of media analysis. This is a deeply troubling report and shows that the Russian collusion allegations were poorly founded and quickly debunked by the FBI. That is not being fully reported because it does not fit a narrative that has taken hold of the media. That is a major story in its own right.
The judges on the FISA Court and the Chief Justice who appointed them and supervises their work have a lot f explaining to do, specifically over what disciplinary actions they intend to follow in the light of the frauds perpetrated upon them. Some elements of the FSA law are sunsetting in less than a week. Let’s hope that the judges and Chief Justice will be called to testify, of not in the next few days, well before any possible Senate impeachment trial. Read more: Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook