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Dustin Clark
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Sun comes up and we start again.
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2011 on Sad Stephanie at The Quiet Life of Violet
Natalie, you're +1. #656 is so true and you deserve #661.
Beautiful post, Wife.
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2011 on Our Weekend at The Quiet Life of Violet
That was the longest Non-stress test ever. Thank you, Wifey, for capturing my beyond-my-normal-time-limit-in-a-small-hospital-room behavior on video.
@FreckledNest: The Vanager was number 26. :) The most difficult thing about a list of 25, for me, was not so much the list but the introduction paragraph. Whenever we'd have to say five interesting things about ourselves in a classroom, say, I'd never know what to say. Even in person, I tend to introduce myself and then jump right into conversation.
1. Clean socks 2. Natural 10s 3. That moment your writer's block vanishes 4. The crumpled five in the pair of jeans you put on 5. Tree shadows
@bein good to me: There must be some time when you two sit down together. Do it over Saturday breakfast. All cellphones and televisions off. It takes about twenty minutes for two weeks worth of living. @Dessiree: I’m very blessed to have an incredible medical package. There will be virtually no change in our medical expenses. In regards to additional saving, we’ve slashed our superfluous spending (about half) and begun saving more. College funds and so forth will be set up in the future, but that’s a whole different blog post. @miranda: Totally start it up again. The deliberation keeps you focused. :) @Judy: It sounds like you’re well on your way. Paying off your mortgage is such a crucial step in building wealth. Way to go! @anna marie: Your no shoes budget now will allow an amazing lifestyle later. It’s totally worth it!
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Nov 3, 2010
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